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Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO, JUNOJosh Hotsenpiller, CEO
Collaboration is the keystone of a successful community. Advancements in technology allow for easier and more convenient connectivity between people. The challenge, however, is unifying data in multiple software programs, whether LMS, community tech, or virtual event systems. This fragmentation dilutes the community experience and stems unnecessary complexity.

JUNO facilitates a seamless community experience by combining the functions of connection, communication, education, and collaboration on a single platform, providing an all-around community experience for users. The platform unlocks the interactive potential of communities by removing boundaries and uncovering new opportunities for users.

The software solution is built for all top-tier community engagement functions. The platform can deliver a singular experience, expanding user access to various feature sets depending on the client's preference. Thanks to its all-in-one capability, businesses don't have to spend on multiple solutions for different community activities. They can have all their user experience data consolidated in one place, reducing client spending and enhancing their database.

The platform’s creation was fueled by the expertise JUNO gained from conducting virtual events for the WHO, NBA, PCMA, and other notable brands.

"The AI underlying our platform is called Human Interest Modeling, and it takes people's declared and discovered interests to suggest new relationships, content, and experiences within the platform," says Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO of JUNO.

Users are given credit scores based on their interest in different activities. The accumulation of these credit scores results in an interest modeling score that targets community members and users with more pertinent material.
JUNO's system is integrated with gamification plus live and on-demand video, as well as a 7E success team that ensures clients are supported and able to engage users without spending significant resources. The platform also incorporates badging, notifications, and messaging tools, where users can virtually connect for enhanced networking. Through its inbuilt recommendation engine, users can find people with the same interests and conduct round table discussions while keeping their personal information anonymous. Clients can view realtime analytics on how many users are on the platform and why they are on it based on the organization’s region, interests, and level. Complementing these tools, JUNO offers a community engagement specialist’s expertise that educates them on using these tools to obtain the best outcomes.

Often, mobile apps do not match the features of their desktop counterparts, but this is not the case with JUNO. Its mobile app contains every component and syncs through multiple channels. On the front end, the UI allows clients to go in and launch their event, have moderation tools where they can talk back and forth, and build fully customized pages for their partners. If they need further assistance, JUNO has an entire customer success and design team that works with them to create the whole integration layout based on the experience they want their members to have.
  • The AI underlying our platform is called Human Interest Modeling, and what it does is take people's declared interests and their discovered interests to suggest new relationships, content, and experiences, all within our platform that ties together community, events, and learning

These competencies enabled JUNO to assist a client in creating a unified platform to share the same content across all their branches globally while allowing regional locations to have their own experiences. They could achieve their goal and improve engagement, thanks to JUNO's help.

JUNO is challenging the standards of community software with its all-in-one platform. As businesses continue to improve their collaborative efforts and increase overall growth and productivity, JUNO is perfectly poised to help clients achieve their community collaboration goals.
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Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO

JUNO delivers a human experience platform that enables digital communication, connection, education, and collaboration for communities of people. The software solution consolidates top-tier community engagement disciplines such as community, learning, and events to enable transfer of data and more rewarding user experiences.