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Steve Cross, Founder and Creative Director, iSynergySteve Cross, Founder and Creative Director
According to a recent Nielson report, creativity is the most important predictor of a successful marketing campaign and is responsible for up to 47 percent sales uplift. Add memorable brand design and robust data analytics to the mix, and we have a recipe for unmatched lead generation. At the juncture of these three aspects, creativity, brand design, and data-driven marketing, iSynergy Northeast Ohio’s leading digital marketing and SEO agency cements its cornerstone.

“With a creative design team and a robust data analysis infrastructure, we design customer-aligned brands and develop relatable marketing campaigns to help our clients boost customer attraction and retention capabilities,” says Steve Cross, founder and creative director of iSynergy.

How does data-driven creativity work?

The company uses data-derived customer insights to identify the demographics of its primary audience, before analyzing their preferences and expectations. Based on the insights, iSynergy strategizes and designs a brand image that resonates with the primary audience.

Right from creating names, logos, and websites as per the taste of the audience to aligning the client brand’s vision and culture with the beliefs and values of their customers, iSynergy ensures that its clients’ branding is ten steps ahead of the industry standard.

These brand-aligned values and culture are then inculcated into the client’s workforce, making them the first line of ‘brand ambassadors.’ The brand ambassadors embody the brand’s values in every customer-facing workflow, creating a positive and memorable brand experience in the minds of their customers. This, in turn, encourages the engaged customers to foster brand awareness through suggestions and word of mouth the marketing power of which is unmatched even by paid promotions.

iSynergy’s data-driven digital marketing offerings further augment the brand presence and help clients increase their sales results.
iSynergy leverages its own team of photographers, graphic designers, data researchers, copywriters, and content strategists to develop unique, engaging, and brand-relevant content that connects with the specific audience.

The content is deployed to target audiences via the most relevant digital channels—display, outdoor, social, email, television, and radio—based on audience preferences. The company’s data-driven approach ensures that the right content always reaches the right audiences at the right times.

This is complemented by the company’s SEO knowledge and expertise to boost the visibility of the content. By ensuring that the content aligns perfectly with Google’s crawl bots and keeps new visitors engaged, iSynergy pushes clients’ brands to the top of the search results and brings them the coveted organic traffic. These layers of brand development, creative graphic design, and data-driven marketing translate into a failproof marketing strategy for clients.

With a creative design team and a robust data analysis infrastructure, we design customer-aligned brands and develop relatable marketing campaigns to help our clients boost customer attraction and retention capabilities

The competencies of iSynergy can be seen in the recent case study of Baird Brothers, a maker of fine hardwoods. Rather than continue relying on TV show sponsorships for ads, the client decided to deploy their own marketing content.

They chose iSynergy to bring their vision into reality. Under iSynergy’s guidance, the client created a combination of video studio and workshop, where they could show their products being made, perform interviews with other industry experts, and conduct DIY projects with their products. iSynergy helped them stream this content on different channels and optimized its reach with its campaign management offerings. Along with increased sales performance, the client that once relied on traditional channels is now among the leaders in leveraging data-driven digital marketing.

Such phenomenal success rates can be attributed to iSynergy’s close-knit client partnerships that prioritize transparency and authenticity. Even if iSynergy takes a misstep during the strategy execution, the company does not shy away from reporting it to the client before taking corrective measures. This customer-centric collaboration will certainly inspire more companies to join hands with iSynergy and foster more fruitful branding outcomes.
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Steve Cross, Founder and Creative Director

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