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Rohan Yamagishi, Founder, Info CubicRohan Yamagishi, Founder
On a general note, the term ‘traffic’ has a negative undertone. However, when it comes to digital marketing, ‘traffic’ is what drives businesses. Digital marketing firms must ensure that they get more traffic to their website with versatile solutions for every step of their journey in Search Engine Optimization. On that note, Info Cubic Japan, a digital marketing firm provides a complete SEO package to its clients. Info Cubic Japan provides multichannel marketing solutions for Japan and other markets. The team of digital experts at the firm manages campaigns with a global standard of service with a local perspective. Whether the goal is branding or direct response, Info Cubic partners with its clients to achieve their key performance indicator goals.

Info Cubic offers a wide range of solutions in digital marketing, social media and creative solutions. Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and display are the digital marketing techniques that Info Cubic has mastered in. Besides social media marketing, the company also takes charge of landing page optimization, content creation and video production. The company has a team of 40 members, with 10 different languages spoken in-house. In addition, Info Cubic has 14 years of online marketing experience across borders. The company has also assisted over 500 companies in expanding business globally.

"I am grateful for your warm support! We did not expect the number of prospective clients to increase by as much as 1.5 times in three months." This testimony by the Tokyo Sushi Academy explicitly shows the vast client base earned by Info Cubic with its customer-centric digital marketing.
Tokyo Sushi Academy wanted a landing page creation, and after receiving an inquiry over the web, they invited Info Cubic to a seminar organized by Tokyo Sushi Academy, which featured Google, among others. The substantial information provided at the seminar helped them build trust and ultimately led to an association with Info Cubic Japan. Tokyo Sushi used their foreign native speaking staff for the multilingual landing page production, as well as SEO experts, web designers, a creative team and a translation team that developed a language that appealed to native speakers.

I am grateful for your warm support! We did not expect the number of prospective clients to increase by as much as 1.5 times in three months

The Landing Page Optimization service by Info Cubic provided multiple page modifications based on real data analysis that increased site usability and appealed to the audience. At the end of the day, they had all their native staff supporting them and also Tokyo Sushi used pay-per-click advertising to direct consumers to the landing page. Immediately after the multilingual landing page was made public in the first quarter, the number of potential clients increased to around 1.5 times that of the previous quarter. The numbers gradually kept increasing thereafter.

Info Cubic Japan holds firm to its three-pillar approachcommunicate, create and engage, to devise a comprehensive strategy that answers the needs of clients in digital marketing. To communicate the brand message effectively, by creating content from zero to one hundred and to facilitate brand engagement to strengthen the bond between the target audience and the brand. Thus, in this complex digital era, the team at Info Cubic aspires to convey its clients' messages to exactly the right audiences, using the most strategic channels, backed by data-driven decision making. Besides, the company wishes to alleviate the hassles of marketing across borders thereby, the brand message is truly communicated and expressed in the right manner.
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Info Cubic


Rohan Yamagishi, Founder

Info Cubic Japan provides omni-channel marketing solutions for Japan and other markets. Established in 2002, the company serves more than 500 businesses in the far east.