Impactify: Disrupting Digital Advertising with Unique Video Formats

Aurelie Aina, COO, ImpactifyAurelie Aina, COO
As an ad tech startup, Impactify has pioneered its way into the digital advertising and marketing industry, through its unique and patented video formats. The company focuses on UX formats as they believe that advertising should be respectful for the users in order to be engaging. With this in mind, Impactify solves ad buyer’s predicament of their outstream campaigns played out-of-view as its UX-designed formats always stay in-view even when the user scrolls down a webpage. This way, the company provides an enhanced alternative to actual video offers. “Our KPIs are among the best of the video outstream market with an 80 per cent completion rate and a 92 per cent viewability rate, high above the market average,” says Thomas Aina, CEO of the company. Besides, the company’s unique programmatic platform connects publishers and advertisers to automate transactions and optimise performances. “As the market is segmented, we can reunite all players in the marketing game like publishers and advertisers to create an efficient, transparent and approachable advertising solution on all ends.” Impactify helps publishers to grow their revenues while maintaining the visual cohesion of their website. By focusing on user experience, Impactify allows publishers to reach the optimal potential of their content. Similarly, the company assists advertisers in maximising ROI with two main components: UX and viewability to engage the user attention and trust with respect. "We strive to combine the innovation of our monetising solutions for online publishers with that of our premium marketplace for advertisers such that we provide maximum yields for the publisher and maximum ROI for the advertiser,” adds Aurelie Aina, COO of Impactify.

Impactify created the outstream video format in the notification area, which became a reference in the advertising market over the past few years. The company’s patented formats are designed to be not intrusive, yet 100 per cent viewable without interrupting reading.

Our KPIs are among the best of the video outstream market with an 80 per cent completion rate and a 92 per cent viewability rate, high above the market average

When displayed, an ad unit plays a campaign for a few seconds and then discreetly disappears. By default, Impactify’s video ads are autoplayed without sound. The company’s Inline format on mobile starts out as an in-page video. As the user scrolls down, the format transitions to playing in a sticky panoramic video player at the bottom of the screen. “One of our missions is to help media publishers optimise their performances. Rather than multiplying ad formats, we help them find the best ad formats to create a cohesive user experience that brings an improvement in their revenues,” mentions Aurelie.

Besides, Impactify’s UX-compliant formats are patented and designed with an algorithm that constantly optimises performances to facilitate high KPIs while meeting the goals and needs of both advertisers and publishers alike. This is done with Impactify’s proprietary bidding solution, creating a cluster of the top programmatic demand to bid on its inventory, as well as by sourcing direct PMP deals from ad buyers to maximise fill rates. Another advantage of using Impactify is that its platform is connected to top global programmatic demand sources, providing an international foothold into the supply-side of the industry.

Impactify is currently planning its international expansion and more investments in R&D. With a strong presence in Europe and APAC, the company is looking to expand into a more global audience. Impactify will continue to work toward its ambition to offer its clients exclusive access to quality advertising spaces through multiple devices like desktop and mobile web, as well as in App and CTV. “Our work in the future will, therefore, be to simplify further how advertisers can access these strong KPIs by using our inventory,” adds Aurelie. Along the same lines, Impactify will launch its new bidding solution, a unified solution that will not go the header-bidding route as it is right now and rather limit access to its high valued inventory to the top demand platforms in the market with the most up-to-speed capabilities.