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Julian Lefebvre, Founder and Director, GigTVJulian Lefebvre, Founder and Director
Though introduced nearly a decade ago, online and hybrid (combination of physical venues and online communication) events have become popular in recent years across all industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has only catalyzed this popularity, bringing the concept to the mainstream. Regardless, these online and hybrid events present their own set of unique challenges for the organizers. For example, when a company changes its event format from face-to-face meetings to online events, they take some time to adjust to the new regime. Some organizations that have conducted one or more online or hybrid events are already looking for ways to improve the process to provide a more immersive and interactive experience. In both cases, organizers often struggle to realize the viability of running such events. For example, to conduct a hybrid-style meeting, an organizer has to select and implement an online platform that they deem suitable for the forum, procure a venue for the conference to take place, find good catering services, obtain the proper and updated audiovisual aid, etc. Each step, individually or combined, requires many financial and non-financial resources, which the company’s management may struggle to provide. Suppose they can’t find enough to cover all the costs. In that case, organizers either have to make the event experience for their customers very basic or rethink how to provide the best experience with minimal resources. That is why many companies enlist the aid of GigTV, an online event management solution provider with years of experience in organizing highly successful online and hybrid events.

JPL Media created GigTV as a brand that focuses specifically on event services. It is a platformagnostic solution provider that has been conducting online and hybrid events since 2007. The company deals with clients who run events like online conferences, webinars, teleconferencing, etc. GigTV consults with its customers to discover what they need and then matches them with the event management platform that best suits their needs.

Most of the time, online meetings pose as transactional events where organizers leave very little room for the participants to interact with each other.

Its not just creating new experiences, its about knowing and delivering the best digital experiences for each participant. Its the responsibility of our team to use the best data and insights to accomplish that

Instead, they use the age-old format of showing the attendees presentation after presentation and leave a small time slot for QnA. As a result, the human side of the meeting, such as spontaneous chats and unexpected conversations between participants, is lost. GigTV blends asynchronous on-demand video learning with synchronous collaboration to drive face-to-face discussions online. As a result, the participants can chat more fluidly, get the total value of their time attending such events, and better understand the meeting topic.

The company’s collaborative online and hybrid meeting approach has helped many clients hold highly efficient and successful online and hybrid events. For example, it conducted an interactive online Trade Expo organized by The Australia Papua New Guinea (APNG) Business Council a short while ago. To conduct it, GigTV connected the event venue in Brisbane, Australia, with a venue in Port Moresby, PNG. The event hosted a combination of presenters onstage with presenters online discussing various things related to doing business between the two countries. Every attendant, be it a delegate or a sponsor, had the same level of access and could communicate with each other to have wonderful one-on-ones. Hence, the event ran smoothly and was highly successful.

GigTV plans to invest heavily in improving its systems and processes to provide more of such successful events. The company delivered over 600 events last year and plans to grow and increase that number in the future. GigTV also observed that many software companies spend many resources developing and maintaining their event management platform, thus harming their actual business operations. To help them, the organization plans to invest in a global network of service providers who can provide support for any event, regardless of the platform available on the client side. Finally, its developed a new event format called "Flipped Events" that helping to evolve the event experience by making delegates' time more productive during events so people have more time to discuss content instead of suffering the age old "Death by PowerPoint" that's become the standard at most conferences and meetings.

As a result, GigTV aims to become the most sought-after event management solution provider in the country soon.
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Julian Lefebvre, Founder and Director

JPL Media is an online event solution provider with over 15 years experience in organizing and delivering highly successful interactive online and hybrid events under the GigTV brand