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JH Kim, CEO, GGContentJH Kim, CEO
The video game industry is one of the most interesting areas in tech due to its importance to culture, entertainment, and technological advancement. It is estimated that PC, console, and mobile gaming companies bring their games to the screens of more than two billion people worldwide. With the COVID-19 pandemic placing a brighter-than-usual spotlight on gaming last year, it became one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. As the digital world is replete with millions of games and channels, it is easy for a channel or game to get lost in the overpopulated market. GGContent, an influencer marketing platform, presents a sophisticated system for gaming companies that works effortlessly to cut through the noise, increase digital presence and awareness, and keep influencers actively engaged. With its sophisticated influencer marketing platform, the company introduces games that are developed globally to new markets. GGContent’s association with a network of influencers globally makes it successful in the influencer marketing arena. With its marketers located in California, the company runs successful influencer marketing campaigns to promote emerging businesses, including gaming companies.

In its early stages of growth, gaining trust from advertisers in the influencer marketing field was not an easy feat for GGContent. GGContent refines data using its tools to show the channel's performance in objective numbers, and negotiates.

As gaming companies understand the significance of influencer marketing when it comes to increasing launch awareness, creating product buzz, finding digital fans, and sales, GGContent runs the right campaigns for them. Before launching a campaign, GGContent learns about the advertisers' products and wishes. By learning about the target audience, territory, and game genre, the company lists appropriate influencers, and optimizes advertiser's campaign to fit their budget.

As they have extensive experience in running campaigns, global coverage is also possible.
Whether it’s attracting customers or introducing games, the company proposes new regions and new target audiences based on the developer’s specific needs.

I built the influencer marketing platform with an aim to connect advertisers and influencers and manage their communications

When the campaign starts, GGContent provides a dashboard that enables advertisers to see the status of influencers' negotiations, recruitment, and video production, and provides analytics to view key figures of distributed videos all at a glance. Continuous communication with advertisers along with good information flow is the key to a successful campaign. As GGContent's proprietary tools can handle multiple large campaigns quickly and easily, GGContent can manage large campaigns effectively. Most importantly, customers are updated in near real-time with campaign data and individual influencer analytics, allowing them to make strategic decisions about an ongoing campaign or when planning for their next campaign.

Any influencer with an average viewership of 5,000 can sign up into the platform and apply for public campaigns. GGContent connects influencers with the best upcoming games and the latest unreleased content in the market for promotion. Influencers also enjoy the freedom to choose the best campaigns for their channels and create the best-sponsored content. GGContent uses their recent viewership to set the amount they will pay, and stores key metrics after campaigns: cost per view and cost per click. This data is shared and is important for recruiting the client’s next campaign.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to find new ways to stay relevant in the market. Such a firm, LG Electronics, approached GGContent to set up and run a collaboration campaign. The company teamed up with musician H.E.R and LG for the collaboration campaign which enabled audiences staying at home to complete one of the songs composed by H.E.R. GGContent recruited a number of channels associated with music promotion to encourage participation in the event. That was followed by a campaign that led to sharing and spreading the song.

GGContent has brought new social networking services, including TikTok into their platform and are currently working on a new feature that allows them to understand influencer market trends and KPIs quickly.
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GGContent is the best marketing platform to connect advertisers and influencers in the gaming industry. The company’s network of influencers is proven to provide the best performance for its client’s marketing budget. These influencers have the authority and care about the content they produce for their loyal communities. This alone carries more weight than any type of online ad. With its sophisticated influencer marketing platform, the company brings games developed globally to new markets. GGContent’s association with a network of influencers on a global scale makes it successful in the influencer marketing arena. With its marketers located in California, the company runs successful campaigns to promote gaming companies and their games