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$alt_name"Jeremy Hudgens, CRO, Director of Client Solution
John Wanamaker, an American merchant considered to be a pioneer in marketing, famously stated, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Innovation has produced data that offers marketers the ability to drive campaign performance like never before. At the same time, there are many hindrances to being able to harness that data; completeness of the data itself being one of them. Attribution—that fuels the gathering of data—is one parameter that could come to the rescue, enabling users to assign credit to those ideas that worked and helped positively influence behavior. “Our groundbreaking technology allows us to essentially have 95 to 99 percent of the data providing much greater transparency into what’s working and thereby help drive better results,” says Jeremy Hudgens, CRO, and Director of Client Solution at Genius Monkey. The digital advertising technology firm offers advanced marketing technology and services that make it possible for clients to reach millions of targeted customers with ease at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. But how do you drive high-quality traffic? There are ways to optimize quality and accurately measure the success of the ads. “Transparency relates to performance,” and at Genius Monkey, this point is driven by their revolutionary attribution, which allows clients to identify what type of media is working. Headquartered in Tempe, AZ, Genius Monkey provides an advanced full-service marketing platform designed for today’s real-time programmatic advertising, tracking, and attribution performance needs.

Genius Monkey is intimately familiar with this philosophy that “what you do not measure you cannot improve”— Using our proprietary attribution tracking, they accurately measure and validate each touchpoint, which indicates to what ads are working at their full potential, and what ads need adjustments.

Our groundbreaking technology allows us to essentially have 95 to 99 percent of the data providing much greater transparency into what’s working and thereby drive far better results

With the firm’s real-time fraud and bot detection, along with the implementation of its multi-layered filtering system, clients can sit back and relax as the safety of their brand is assurred. The easy-to-read dashboard provides reports on marketing dollars and the details on what drives the maximum number of engagements and conversions from the many networks, devices, and mediums. As the firm believes in universal compatibility, it virtually brings in all the various media outlets, networks exchanges, and DSP’s (demand-side platforms) rather than using one network or exchange. This media and device agnostic capability creates competition in real time for the marketing dollars. And the result? Reach more targeted people for less cost. Genius Monkey’s proprietary algorithm Omni Monkey enables the platform to optimize across all variables, including devices and media access points, based on performance. This is the key piece as the firm can provide value for their clients’ money.

Being able to have access to all these different avenues to get in front of the audience does no good if there is no assurance of reaching the best audience. “Tapping into all the different behavioral databases to ensure we have current and cutting edge data to identify and seek out our audiences is something that we aggressively execute on. But we have a strong focus on being partnered with our clients,” says Hudgens.

For years now, many brands and agencies have strived to run programmatic campaigns in-house with minimal tools and outlets. There is a need to find a partner that can develop new tech in real time to deliver ads most efficiently. This is where Genius Monkey is heading towards bringing in the clients’ message in the most efficient way possible. Having worked with a broad range of companies, the Genius Monkey platform continues to identify growth opportunities and has laid plans to expand its attribution reporting even deeper into their product.