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Courtney Kehl, Advisor & President of Expert Marketing Advisors., Expert Marketing AdvisorsCourtney Kehl, Advisor & President of Expert Marketing Advisors.
Growing technology companies need to do more with less when it comes to marketing and sales. They often go through multiple stages of growth in a relatively short span, and many companies often set high stretch goals. In this regard, having an experienced, trusted partner that understands the intricacies of tech companies and readily customizes marketing strategies becomes crucial to better align with the changing market needs. This is where Expert Marketing Advisors (eMa) makes a world of difference.

eMa is a marketing agency committed to helping growing B2B tech companies maximize their marketing ROI and achieve their growth objectives. The company has a versatile team with diverse backgrounds and decades of specialized experience across multiple disciplines of marketing, including integrated marketing, campaign management, content creation and web development. They leverage marketing automation tools like HubSpot and industry best practices to create attractive marketing assets that directly speak to the target audience.

“As a full-service team, we are uniquely positioned to help companies in their hyper-growth stages at any point in their lifecycle as our full portfolio of services are poised to effectively boost lead flow and position companies favorably among the competition,” says Courtney Kehl, Advisor & President of Expert Marketing Advisors.

Having worked closely with many tech companies, eMa understands that a data-driven approach is critical to achieve accelerated marketing-driven growth. In this regard, they have devised ‘tried and true repeatable playbooks’, which enables them to set up strong foundations for clients' marketing initiatives. It allows them to focus on results and identify where the leads are getting lost as well as new opportunities. The company also has a network of analysts who regularly evaluate clients’ financial data on a weekly or monthly basis. Their insights help eMa track organizational growth and recommend marketing strategies that help clients achieve their growth goals.
It also enables them to script a well-rounded, result-driven marketing ground plan and better Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to generate web traffic.

“We craft a story that resonates with the target audience, and raise client brand awareness through proactive media campaigns and initiatives,” states Kehl.

eMa’s SEO services are highly customer-centric, with a strong focus on building B2B brand trust by leveraging industry best practices for services like web desk design, social media campaign management, and partner enablement. For growing companies, eMa understands the need to maintain tech stack hygiene to best align with the growth curve. To that end, the company offers expert support in managing and scaling CRMs, backend, and frontend operations and equips clients with all the necessary tools to succeed.

As a full-service team, we are uniquely positioned to help companies in their hyper-growth stages at any point in their lifecycle as our end-to-end services are poised to effectively boost lead flow and company position among competitors

With 15 years of experience handling marketing automation tools like HubSpot CRM, eMa is an expert at helping clients establish a growth engine that tracks sales and marketing activity across the organization so business outcomes can be measured and achieved. The agency’s best practices are structured to provide clients with quick sales wins. And to ensure the marketing momentum continues to generate a robust pipeline of qualified prospects, eMa incorporates marketing initiatives designed to nurture leads through the sales cycle. The agency has successfully worked with early-stage growth startups through mature companies by increasing their value to achieve unicorn status, and earning them an advantageous exit.

With strong tech alliances with leading providers like HubSpot, eMa is able to deliver all these services and best-in-class marketing recommendations. This enables them to ensure that clients are getting the best tools while staying up-to-date with the latest releases.

eMa attributes its success to a team certified and proficient in cloud-based systems, Kubernetes integration, cybersecurity, and big data analytics. With a company culture rooted in innovation and client feedback, eMa continues to take long strides in delivering its commitment to making businesses grow.
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Expert Marketing Advisors

Expert Marketing Advisors

Redwood City, CA

Courtney Kehl, Advisor & President of Expert Marketing Advisors.

eMa is a B2B marketing firm dedicated to helping growing technology companies make their mark in the market. The company provides vital support across all marketing areas needed to grow the company’s overall valuation, including SEO/SEM, Demand Generation, Marketing Operations, Digital Campaigns and PR Programs.