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Matt Wheeler, CEO, DriftrockMatt Wheeler, CEO
In today’s marketing world, customer-centric marketing has become an essential strategy to connect with audiences across channels and technology platforms. The more businesses and brands know about their customers’ preferences or purchase patterns, the more they can improve their sales, marketing, and connection efforts. To achieve this feat, businesses previously relied on third-party cookies or data, which is fading away today because of its inaccuracies and privacy issues. In such a scenario, first-party data has emerged as a reliable source of better marketing insights. Several marketers are turning to first-party data owing to its accuracy, efficiency, and ability to build trust and long-lasting relationships with consumers.

However, the process of collecting first-party data is not as easy as it looks. As consumers use various smart devices and applications to purchase products, capturing first-party data and comprehending customers’ buying behaviour from different channels is challenging for marketers. So the one question that is troubling marketers today is, “How can we garner quality customer data, track and generate more hot leads?”

Driftrock has the answer.

Since its inception in 2014, Driftrock has been on a mission to transform the marketing world by offering robust lead generation software solely built for the new era of people-based marketing. The company’s software allows marketers to capture, track and convert leads from various sources. “Our objective is to help make marketing something that people want to see rather than just hard selling marketing campaigns that you see everywhere,” states Matt Wheeler, CEO of Driftrock.

Driftrock is unique because they tie together customer events, leads, or actions the customer takes and conversions throughout their customer life cycle. “We are able to glue all of those aspects in a way that protects privacy and minimises any need to store customer data,” explains Wheeler. The company believes in putting people at the core of everything they do; this allows them to deliver a better experience for end customers and brands. Driftrock simplifies the process of lead capturing by connecting to all the different places where the customer might be exchanging data with the brand. Driftrock also has digital forms, which brands can use for their website to increase conversion rates or for standalone learning pages to capture more data to less lead capture.

Our objective is to help make marketing something that people want to see rather than just hard selling marketing campaigns that you see everywhere

The platform also allows marketers to manage the leads effortlessly and efficiently by transferring all the data safely and securely into CRM systems, the email system, or any other analytics systems to action those data and communicate with the customer. In addition, the company helps with end-to-end lead tracking, from generating leads through to a conversion or a purchase. “Most customers will submit multiple leads in multiple forms as they interact with the brand. So, rather than just tracking an individual lead, we track all the different touchpoints that the customer goes through,” avers Wheeler. Last but not least, Driftrock helps marketers convert more leads with segmentation and automated audience nurturing. This allows businesses to develop and maintain connections with prospects and leads without going directly to the labour-intensive aspects of direct contact with sales personnel.

With such capabilities, Driftrock has assisted several clients since its inception. In one instance, Driftrock helped BMW improve lead generation and deliver a better customer experience. BMW was already leveraging a custom landing page solution through Driftrock, enabling advanced features such as local store search, advanced opt-out options, and detailed legal information. They wanted to reduce friction in the lead generation journey and deliver a better customer experience. With an ever-changing database of local retailers, BMW required a constant refresh of the local dealer data.

To overcome these challenges, Driftrock suggested BMW test Driftrock Business Locator versus the custom landing page experience. The native journey enabled BMW to offer a quick and easy customer experience from the first click-through to a local retailer visit. By implementing the Driftrock Dynamic Business Locator, the most relevant dealer information was automatically populated into the native lead form, enabling customers to select the right dealer for them, solving the challenge of their ever-changing database. To complete the customer experience, BMW used Driftrock Lead Sync technology to ensure enquiries arrived in the real-time latest information.

With everything going in their way, Driftrock has tremendous growth at the moment. The company is attracting many new exciting clients because of its unparalleled ability to help brands capture first-party data during their marketing campaigns. For the road ahead, the company is expanding its team and technology to support ongoing trends such as conversational lead generation. “We are making big investments into that in terms of making that really simple, powerful, and delivering a great experience for the customer,” says Wheeler.
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Matt Wheeler, CEO

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