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Jeff Fowler, Founder , Decision SoftwareJeff Fowler, Founder
Campaign management is evolving at a rapid pace, and many companies are finding that home-grown, manual approaches aren’t sufficient to meet the complexities involved in multi-channel marketing campaigns. Internally built databases are often incompatible with modern marketing tools, and using manual database queries does not effectively categorize and process data to enable marketers to make the right campaign decisions.

This is where Decision Software, Inc. (DSI) comes into the picture. DSI began designing software and working with SQL databases in 1989, and became the first company to release a SQL-based campaign management system called TopDog in 1993. The company continually supported and enhanced TopDog until 2003, when it was superseded by their flagship MarketWide program.

MarketWide, a hybrid SQL-based campaign system, is the company’s core product. It is a fast and effective system that processes massive campaigns with ease, supporting campaigns having hundreds of segments and tens of millions of records flowing from various tables. Features include “Nth” selects, householding, max-per-site, creative dividing, and test/control groups.

MarketWide supports fully automated multi-wave, multi-channel campaigns. It processes transactional data and adapts to client data rather than requiring the data to be changed to use the tool. Because of this, MarketWide can be installed on top of an existing database and made operational on the same day.

DSI founder Jeff Fowler says, “Most database companies don’t develop software, and most software companies don’t do databases. Because we offer both, we are in the unique position of working directly with marketers who use our product, hearing what they need, and enhancing our software to do it. This has enabled MarketWide to become one of the most powerful and comprehensive campaign management systems in the world. "
Other products offered by DSI include MarketWide Email, an add-on component that adds email capabilities to MarketWide. Non-profit organizations may prefer to use GiftMiner, a low-cost fundraising platform that helps them effectively gather, analyze, and use donor and marketing data. A companion product called SurveyMiner facilitates building, managing, and monitoring web surveys. The company’s WebTrack software records all website visitor information in real time and sends it to the marketing system. DSI’s NameCruncher utility augments name and address hygiene by recognizing nicknames, correcting typos, identifying couples, detecting businesses, and attaching gender codes.

Services provided by Decision Software include database design and hosting, data hygiene, CASS, NCOA, merge/purge, and suppressions. Companies who don’t want to deal with creating and managing campaigns can outsource campaign services to Decision Software. And DSI collaborates with data suppliers who can supply demographics and prospects. Finally, DSI offers custom built turnkey DB applications built to your specifications.

We manage marketing databases, develop software, and work directly with marketers. This puts us in the unique position of hearing what users need and upgrading our software to do it

As a real-life example of the benefits that DSI offers, one of Decision Software’s retail clients was struggling to market effectively from their internal database and came to DSI for help. After reviewing the client’s requirements, DSI set up processes to accept data from multiple sources daily, clean and standardize it, merge duplicates, and create a SQL marketing database. Next, DSI installed MarketWide and – working with the client – implemented fully automated multi-wave, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Building upon this initial success, DSI added enhanced modeling and analytics, business intelligence reports, and designed an interface to integrate the database with the client’s call center. This resulted in 10– 12 weekly campaigns that were perfectly synchronized and yielded additional top line sales of a half-billion dollars annually. This was accomplished at a fraction of the estimated cost to build internally.

On its path of scripting success stories, Decision Software is relentlessly pursuing one goal for all its future endeavors: elevating client satisfaction and gaining their trust by meeting the most difficult marketing challenges.
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Decision Software

Decision Software

Gambrills, MD

Jeff Fowler, Founder

Decision Software is a marketing software and service provider. They specialize in SQL databases and making customer segmentation and campaign targeting easy through their powerful MarketWide software, which saves time and maximizes dollars.