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Zac Carmen, CEO, ConsumerAffairsZac Carmen, CEO
In today's digital age, where consumers can be more vocal than ever, a good reputation differentiates a business from its competitors and effectively conveys that the brand in question is reliable, which further translates into more sales. On the other hand, negative reviews can do profound damage tomost businesses irrespective of the value that it offers. That is why, in the present era, where online reviews often tend to influence customers to a large extent, it’s a no brainer that the proper management of reputation is highly essential for businesses.

Helping businesses build and uphold reputation and convey their legacy is ConsumerAffairs, an online reputation management company. ConsumerAffairs provides its software-as-a-service platform that enables brands to connect with customers, collect reviews, and generate sales. The company enables clients to manage their reputation proactively by harnessing and leveraging customer voice to drive better business results. "Our platform allows consumers to share their reviews and brands to respond to those feedback and engage with customers," asserts Zac Carman, CEO of ConsumerAffairs. Helping brands directly engage with their customers; the company's platform allows clients to solve customer service issues and captures more customer voices with integrations to their business processes. The company also helps build buyer guides and other topical resources, news articles, and company profile pages. ConsumerAffairs' in-house research team works closely with industry experts to write comprehensive buyer guides and how-to articles, which helps consumers make a well-thought decision.

Our platform allows consumers to share their reviews and brands to respond to those feedback and engage with customer

Furthermore, the platform also offers millions of consumer reviews and intelligent matching tools that use proprietary technology to pair users with companies that meet their bespoke needs.

Establishing a stronger online reputation to support growth, ConsumerAffairs runs an Accreditation Program for companies that are called "Accredited Partners." Accredited partners can access to data and analytics, feature reviews, and recommendations to its Accredited Partners. While featured reviews allow Accredited partners to choose to feature 1-3 reviews on their profile, the recommendation feature allows ConsumerAffairs to recommend Accredited Partners via matching tools to consumers.

As part of the Accreditation Program, ConsumerAffairs collects reviews for Accredited Partners through a variety of means such as via email, phone, third-party consumer panels, and social media platforms, such as Facebook. Collecting reviews from a plethora of platforms helps businesses comprehensively understand most of their customers' likes and dislikes, which can be utilized to enhance their products or services.

To date, the company has helped thousands of brands leverage their reputations to solve customer issues for twenty-two years and drive hundreds of millions of revenues. What truly differentiates ConsumerAffairs from other market players is its solution that directly generates revenue and clear ROI for its clients. Continuing to translate reputation to revenue, the company plans to invest more in designing comprehensive features to grow its client's reputations and keep generating revenue for them.

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Zac Carmen, CEO

ConsumerAffairs is a rapidly growing online marketplace where each month millions of consumers research purchases, connect with brands, transact, write reviews and stay up to date on important consumer news. Brands utilize their software-as-a-service platform to connect with customers, collect reviews and generate sales. ConsumerAffairs has a creative, driven and fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. They are looking for teammates that want to win, are self-motivated, high performing and who yearn to build something big.