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Growson Edwards, Co-Founder & COO, CIPIO.aiGrowson Edwards, Co-Founder & COO
Marketers feel a sense of urgency like never before to shift their approach. In a world where consumers connect with each other and collectively demand more personalization, traditional mass marketing tactics keep brands out-of-touch with members of their audience.

These traditional mass marketing tactics leave consumers bombarded with 5,000-10,000 ads daily. More than two-thirds of marketers recognize that this ad onslaught is unsustainable because, as Forbes noted, 99 percent of digital ad impressions fail to drive clicks and conversions. Buyers are simply not interested in brands telling them what they should buy, and their ability to tune out digital ads is stronger than ever.

Instead, people use social platforms to give and receive reliable recommendations from non-branded voices. Consumers – who are people, first and foremost – long for community, a place where “peer-reviewed” purchases reinforce their goals and values at the right price. Hence the demand surges online for IRL, authentic content from fellow consumers.

Imagine if marketers found themselves part of multiple communities with high brand affinity. These loyal customers, followers, employees, partners, ambassadors, and investors aren’t just friends and colleagues – they are raving fans. This community willingly tests new products, shares branded content, creates user-generated content, offers thoughtful feedback, and spreads powerful word-of-mouth to friends, family, and followers.

Community-driven marketing is becoming more mainstream as brands worldwide strive to beat the competition while gaining insights, driving innovation, and building value. Industry experts agree that brand communities generate greater brand awareness and customer acquisition, not to mention higher company valuations. Meanwhile, seasoned marketers have learned that the best brand community leaders are authentic social media influencers. As a result, eCommerce brands leveraging influencers to drive brand community consistently lead the pack.
CIPIO launched in 2020 as an AI-based community marketing platform that integrates 360-degree behavior analytics from customers, social influencers, and their followers. This first-of-its-kind platform empowers organizations to find the right influencers within their network of customers, followers, employees, and partners and engage them more effectively. From acquisition to optimization, CIPIO’s intuitive platform tracks customers’ engagement patterns, predicts churn risk, and provides recommendations to multiply user-generated content through a network of community-trusted influencers.

“We focus on inspiring brand community to help marketers organically grow their business,” says Growson Edwards, Co-Founder & COO, CIPIO.

CIPIO collaborates with every major CRM to gather data and establish algorithms that identify ideal customers based on frequent purchases and lifetime value. Next, the platform connects the Brand’s social database with influential customers (potential brand community leaders) and their followers. CIPIO grades an influencer’s brand compatibility by identifying audience alignment based on how real, relevant, and receptive the influencer’s follower base is. Similarly, the platform tracks conversions back to the correct influencer.

As of today, no other influencer and brand community platform is optimized for connecting eCommerce brands with authentic and relevant micro and nano influencers and establishing high-performing brand communities. CIPIO harnesses the power of AI with consumer insights and community-driven marketing to put non-branded voices where they belong – at the center of genuine, sustainable organic growth.

We focus on inspiring a Brand’s community to help marketers organically grow their business

“We understand there are tons of Influencer Marketing solutions in the marketplace, but CIPIO is squarely focused on enabling Brands with Automated, Authentic, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Solutions to build sustainable Organic Marketing,” says Edwards. “There is no solution that instantly automates organic marketing for new sales, retention, and engagement through raving fans in the Brand’s community like CIPIO does. Our patent-pending algorithms find the hidden gems, trends, behavior, and patterns from trillions of images, captions, hashtags, and posts, unlike any AI technology I have worked with.”
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Fairfax, Virginia

Growson Edwards, Co-Founder & COO

CIPIO is on a mission to democratize Organic Marketing. enables brands to uncover, engage, and activate their powerful raving fans in their own community to increase sales, retention, and engagement. Leading brands like World’s Gym, Xponential, FitnessSF, BioVanta, Darkhorse Rowing, Dlish, and many more have seen a dramatic increase in Brand Awareness and New Sales through this robust community of customers, social media followers, employees, partners, suppliers, advisors, investors, and more. CIPIO’s platform is powered by patent-pending algorithms that automatically uncover hidden gems in the community, trends, behavior, and patterns from trillions of images, captions, hashtags, and content.