Buzzoole: 360-Degree Solution Transforming the Influencer Marketing Landscape

Gianluca Perrelli, CEO , BuzzooleGianluca Perrelli, CEO
Influencer marketing ecosystem is evolving significantly as a result of technological advancements. Companies are starting to master the new web areas and opportunities that have opened up as social networks expand into true commercial hubs. Evolving communication, new features on social networks and changing market conditions constantly generate new ways for brands to use Influencer Marketing. One company that is leading the way on the influencer marketing front is Buzzoole, a marketing services company that automates, manages, and measures investments with influencers. Buzzoole offers a 360-degree solution for brands, agencies and media partners. The firm works across all creator tiers and platforms to deliver long-term and campaign-specific impact. Buzzoole has structured a distinctive offer to cater to both those who need platforms to manage certain collaboration phases with creators, and those who need guidance in designing and managing more complex campaigns.

The main requirement for brands that approach influencer marketing is to identify creators who are aligned with their corporate values. Without the help of technologically advanced platforms, analyzing their performance comes to a standstill at an early stage. To meet sophisticated creator qualification needs, the enterprise designed Buzzoole discovery, the tool that simplifies and speeds up the scouting phase. Buzzoole tracker is a discovery add-on that allows automatic monitoring of the progress of influencer marketing campaigns. To obtain a summary report, simply indicate the elements to be tracked: the channels, the campaign hashtag, the brand’s accounts, and those of the influencers involved in the campaign. Buzzoole tracker can collect posts from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Buzzoole, an Influencer Marketing platform uses artificial intelligence to connect brands and creators or “influencers” – namely people who produce valuable content through the use of social media, exerting a significant level of influence over their followers. Buzzoole helps companies that want to develop influencer marketing campaigns through the process of identification, creative activation, management, and measurement.
Buzzoole developed a powerful technology – based on deep learning algorithms, statistical models and social listening – that is capable to boost brand affinity. This work is performed via GAIIA (Growing Artificial Intelligence for Influencer Affinity) – which sits at the heart of Buzzoole’s technology and combines image recognition, big data, and natural language analysis systems. This powerful trio allows Buzzoole to identify the most compatible creators for any given influencer marketing campaign and is a powerful driver to success. By deploying natural language understanding and image recognition, the firms’ proprietary Artificial Intelligence allows to businesses analyse creator profiles and content.

We’ve reached the tipping point in the market’s evolution, thanks to rising demand for technological solutions for in-house administration of Influencer Marketing strategies and consulting models to address design and creative needs, two approaches that precisely reflect Buzzoole’s comprehensive value proposition.

In addition, Buzzoole’s fraud detection system identifies the creators who are likely to engage with fraudulent activities. The company’s technology uses first-party data to determine the health score of a creator’s profile, flagging the use of BOTs and suspicious audience.

Buzzoole’s team of strategists, creatives, and account managers supports businesses in every phase of activities. The organization manages projects from the strategy phase to deliver by planning all the activities according to business objectives and KPIs. Buzzoole’s technology can find authentic content creators showing their real performance using first-party data.

Buzzoole, the end-to-end influencer marketing platform has been included in the 2018 market guide for influencer marketing solutions by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company. Gartner has selected and reported on ten representative vendors: nine are vendors with North American headquarters, while Buzzoole is the only vendor with European headquarters named in the guide.

As the influencer space gathers pace and continues to fragment, Buzzoole is seeing new platforms and agencies pop up on an almost weekly basis. Going forward, the Buzzoole platform will continue to offer an end-to-end platform solution going some way to automating word-of-mouth for brands and agencies.
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Gianluca Perrelli, CEO

Buzzoole provides solutions that assist organisations manage Influencer Marketing activities effectively. Buzzoole Agency is a comprehensive strategic consulting service