Bloomreach: A Journey to Incredible Personalized eCommerce Experience

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Raj De Datta, Founder and CEO, BloomreachRaj De Datta, Founder and CEO
To offer the best quality products and make the customers happy is a desire of every brand. So is the aim of The Annie Selke Companies, the group comprised of lifestyle brands Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert. They had already established their brand loyalty and popularity among the customers. What they wanted next was to give their customers the same satisfaction and happiness from their website by creating seamless shopping experiences. But this wasn't easy to achieve as they witnessed customers trying hard to find the right products. They were dedicating hours behind the search and ultimately would give up on the website shopping.

Evidently, their customers were facing a very bad experience until Bloomreach, the digital experience expert, came into the picture. Annie Selke implemented Bloomreach that significantly helped customers find relevant products even before hitting 'Enter' on their keyboards. Within six months of implementing the Bloomreach Search, there was a 40 percent increase in revenue generated from the search. Additionally, Annie Selke wanted to retrieve insights on which products were selling and from which categories, but manually reporting for merchandising was not possible with over 400 categories. Bloomreach Merchandising and Insights could do this automatically. This was combined with Annie Selke merchandisers' expertise and assisted in evaluating which products are underperforming, personalize product display, and gain insights on customer behaviors. And the company noticed a 34 percent revenue lift from all merchandising activities.

Similar customer stories narrate the expertise of Bloomreach in the realm of digital experience. Leader in commerce experience, they offer the digital experience platform that is purpose-built for e-commerce. Their commerce-specific DXP called Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX) is the only platform in the market to merge deep customer data with deep product data.

This allows creating a superior commerce experience through personalized products and content along all digital touchpoints.
brX works with four key pillars, steering towards an excellent, revenue-generating commerce experience. The first pillar is laid by 'data' that includes detailed customer and product data with robust AI and predictive decisioning, helping to optimize revenue growth. Following this is 'discovery,' another pillar that refers to product and content search, SEO, merchandising, and recommendations backed by an efficient AI engine built with a decade-plus data. Bloomreach's focus on 'content' makes this the third pillar. They feature a headless CMS with APIs and flexibility to strengthen any front end and simultaneously retain personalization and authoring capabilities. In addition to these pillars, 'engagement' serves as the fourth pillar. With world-class CDP capabilities integrated with omnichannel marketing automation, they are able to render magical personalized experiences.
  • Bloomreach significantly helps customers to find relevant products even before hitting 'Enter' on their keyboards.

Bloomreach's brX consists of several modules that enable some top-in-class experiences for the users. These modules include 'search,' featuring semantic search to deliver accurate results and improve conversion. It deploys natural language processing, advanced attribute extraction, and past behavior to display the most relevant products for the customers. Besides, it offers 1:1 and Segment-based Personalization that allows detecting visitors’ preferences and personalizing the appearance of products and their ranking for each customer. Moreover, Bloomreach algorithms can be customized to fit each brand's business goals. Another important module of brX is ‘merchandising,’ featuring AI-enabled technology to unlock data-driven and intuitive merchandising and offer actionable insights. Besides, the SEO module contributes significantly to driving traffic to the brand's websites by optimizing for long tail and improving discoverability.

With a prolific caliber in digital experiences, Bloomreach has attained immense success in the field. Their API-first platform gives them an edge in the industry, helping to offer headless microservices strategy. Besides, their 12 plus years of AI and ML adds to their excellent outcomes. With this, they have achieved new success heights, powering over USD 200 billion in digital commerce experiences, representing 25 percent of all retail eCommerce experiences in the US and UK. Their offerings have paved ways for customers to gain exceptional experiences while brands witness incredible ROI.
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Mountain View, CA

Raj De Datta, Founder and CEO

Offers Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX) competes in three core categories: Engagement (CDP and marketing automation), Content (headless content and experience management), and Discovery (e-commerce search, merchandising, recommendations, and SEO)