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Margie Traylor, CEO, August UnitedMargie Traylor, CEO
We live in a time when social media is all-pervasive and all-important not only for individuals but also for marketers. No business can afford to have a lackluster online presence, such as on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. At the same time, simply being on a social media platform doesn’t guarantee that your business will turn a profit. There needs to be sustained marketing and advertising in your social media accounts, a need that has given rise to influencer marketing. This is a phenomenon where famous celebrities, reputed personalities, political leaders, and prominent experts endorse products for a particular brand. Brands use influencers to drive their key messages to reach a larger audience rather than direct marketing. Followers follow their influencers’ decisions, style and the brands they use and try to emulate them as part of their personal lifestyle.

According to the recent survey conducted by May Global Index, 96 percent of U.S. and U.K. consumers likely to follow their choice of influencers. As an influencer marketing agency that helps marketers to achieve their goals and reach their core audience, August United is one of the leading companies in the influencer marketing landscape. They create partnerships with influencers, conduct outreach, on-boarding, and after the content goes live, they leverage paid social.

August United begins its work with Influencer Discovery. An agency’s core function is to see the discovered influencer a brand works are reputable and a good fit. They have valuable engagement rates (beyond a measure of simple vanity metrics like followers, likes, and comments), and that they’ll be useful in creating quality content that meets brand standards.

After discovery, the agency then takes care of your valuable influencers. Agency briefs the influencers by giving creative guidance and outlining brands’ key messages, talking points, and goals for the campaign.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and connected devices has changed the interface between brands and consumers

And finally, through content creation, August United’s experienced in-house content creators quickly turn the key messages into illuminating persuasion. The content created by their mavericks will ignite the brands’ audience interest. Consequently, August United’s diverse network of influencers helps marketers to expand their marketing reach. August United has around 15 million partners that can assist their clients. Whether to launch a product or build a community, August United has access to assemble people from all backgrounds.

Technology has transformed marketing campaigns and made it more personalized and immersive for people and creating ecosystems that are more integrated and targeted for marketers. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and connected devices has changed the interface between brands and consumers. August United uses IBM Watson and Google AI to access a broad range of influencers’ data based on demographics and enable effective marketing. The technology helps August United track real-time performance goals set up during the campaign.

The most significant driving factor about August United is clients’ Return of Investment (ROI). The return that the agency payback to its client is quite substantial. A big supermarket chain was not able to draw higher engagement in their organic posts. The client knew about influencer marketing and how it engages with the audience digitally. The client approached August United for assistance, who aid them in building a communication channel, influencer portrait, and the client followed the remedy provided by them. The results were quite fascinating; the client saw seven times ROI as compared to earlier growth. The service helped the client registered an increase of about 250 percent in Instagram followers, and the client recorded 13.2 million impressions digitally.

August United was awarded as “Fastest Growing Agency” by Adweek. Seeing the space of influencer marketing continues to surge in demand, the company collaborated with Sitewire, a 20-year-old giant in the advertising arena. “August United was formed to unite remarkable brands with remarkable people, resulting in simply better marketing that meets consumers where they are.”
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August United

Tempe, AZ

Margie Traylor, CEO

August United is the full-service influencer marketing agency that unites impressive brands with impressive people. The firm’s team works with content creator influencers to hype-up your launch and get a conversation going. August United digs deep to find the right network of Creators that can be an extension of the client’s brand well past the end of the campaign