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Helen Lum, EVP, App Science®Helen Lum, EVP Marketing on linear television has been a popular choice for many brands and advertisers over the years. However, the massive shift in consumer viewing habits from linear to streaming, fueled by the growth of streaming TV platforms, is driving significant increase in the adoption of connected TV (CTV) for both consumer viewing and advertisers.

The diversity of available CTV platforms and devices in the age of online streaming provides more opportunities to reach consumers but also makes ad impact measurement incredibly difficult. Audiences today are highly platform-agnostic, which limits interoperability between different CTV platforms and media channels, causing brand awareness and consumer perception data to become siloed. This makes it challenging for brands and advertisers to effectively measure their audience reach or verify audience behaviors across different households and platforms. In fact, far from limiting marketing efforts, these isolated datasets contribute to disjointed customer experiences, negatively impacting their brand comprehension. It is critical that an advertising message connects to the audience’s values and needs.

Audience insights empower brands and marketers to make more informed omni-channel marketing strategies to create a consistent brand experience.

“We faced similar hurdles when we were building out solutions for our sister company, Sabio Inc, a CTV advertising company. They wanted a measurement partner to gather audience insights about their campaigns across multiple CTV platforms,” says Helen Lum, EVP at App Science®.

By understanding this persistent gap in the market, App Science® sought to help brands and advertisers with their cross-platform analytics, powered by its proprietary 55MM People- Based Household Graph that captures an ever-evolving comprehensive consumer landscape.

With it, App Science® provides marketers with audience-based analytics, trusted campaign intelligence, and accurate and transparent measurement. This vast, organized collection of audience data can help derive personalized and real-time insights for maximizing campaign efficiency and increasing marketing ROI.

Verification of Marketing Impact

App Science® has built its business around an impressive tool, a proprietary Household Graph of 55MM People-Based Households, which harnesses the power of smart devices to provide rich analytics. The household graph collates human behavior signals from 280 million active mobile devices and 110 million CTV devices creating an extraordinary database of intelligence that offers a holistic view of audiences. Via a live dashboard, marketers can monitor audience reach and track audience behaviors and interests at a granular level and in real time amid rapid and constant change.

The graph empowers clients to comprehend rich insights about their audience, such as their consumer apps and content viewing interests, helping clients inform their marketing approach and optimizations.
Marketers can attain precise insights into the target audience's demographic and psychographic traits, along with their brand affinities and choice of CTV genre viewing categories. Based on the affinities and interests of viewers, clients may self-audit the audience profiles and utilize them to increase performing audience reach or find new audiences to scale. As a result, marketers can adjust their tactics to align with audiences that will make an impact.

"Our analytics are powered by human behavior, which we leverage to create datasets and graphs that are true and transparent reflections of the market," says Lum. "Our dashboard allows clients to validate the audience that they're targeting. They can track how audiences are resonating with their messages while monitoring the reach, frequency, and duplication across all major CTV platforms."

Our analytics are powered by human behavior, which we leverage to create datasets and graphs that are true and transparent reflections of the market

To ensure that the data used in the 55MM People-Based Household Graph is clean and sourced from authentic households, App Science® uses smartphones to match and validate a CTV household. These devices provide rich signals that represent the audience’s interests, life stages, behavior, and demographics, making them the best tool to authenticate those behavioral signals. As a result, App Science®'s household graph is empowered to deliver real-time, actionable, and reliable audience insights at a scale that doesn't depend on surveys or cookies.

App Science® also ensures that every piece of information is ethically sourced and compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and CRPA regulations. To do this, they remove any potentially fraudulent activities from their platform and use various truth sources to clean the data, providing marketers with a safe measurement framework to drive insights for an effective campaign.

Offering Insights Into Increasingly Multicultural CTV Audiences

App Science®'s solutions have been instrumental in helping clients delve deeper into the ever-growing market of diverse and multicultural audiences. Their insights enable marketers to develop marketing plans that appeal to their target audience groups. Clients can also leverage App Science®’s audience insights to inform campaign creative and messaging to align with cultural and ethnic sentiments to increase consumer engagement.

For instance, App Science® has empowered multiple brands to build better marketing plans for their diverse audience base. Its product, App Science® Insights, allows brands to discover and validate their audience's interests and behaviors across CTV platforms, especially for multicultural and diverse audience breakouts. As a result, those brands were able to adjust their marketing investments by ethnic groups, understand better when and where to expand their sequential messaging, and improve content targeting to attain their desired outcomes.
It also helped clients gain confidence in planning future strategies and marketing content for different platforms to expand audience reach and maximize the value of media buys.

For its latest study, App Science® looked at the distinctive habits and preferences of U.S. multicultural audiences across specific streaming services and apps. The study, U.S. Multicultural Trends Report, found that multicultural audiences are bigger streamers than the general market.

Assisting Brands and Marketers in Capturing and Retaining Their Target Audience

Leveraging its partnerships with multiple data providers, App Science® is well-positioned to provide clients with options for targeting and behavior measurement of a wide range of audience segments before planning ad campaigns. For example, if an automotive brand wants to check its audience's vehicle, brand, and service preferences, or understand the demographic breakdown of vehicle preferences, App Science®'s dashboard can provide it all.
  • Driven by the aim to constantly align with the ever-evolving consumer landscape, App Science is rightly positioned to tie together the different platforms of streaming beyond ctv such as audio and social to provide advertisers with a one-stop solution to gather consumer insights, strategize, and steer ahead to fulfill their marketing endeavors

Advertisers only need to select their audience range, measure the on-target percentages, and determine the extent to which they are reaching their target audience. Marketers can also optimize their campaigns for audiences — based on interests, behaviors, and the applied media trends — to retain their interest in the brand.

Evolving With the Consumer

With the rising tide of streaming and rapidly shifting audience preferences, App Science® aspires to expand its features and capabilities across all streaming media platforms, such as social and audio, for their cross-measurement solution. To that end, they are working on enhancing their household graph with more consumer behavioral data, providing marketers with a bigger sandbox and more optimized insights to strategize their marketing campaigns.

"Driven by the aim to constantly align with the ever-evolving consumer landscape, App Science® is rightly positioned to tie together the different platforms of streaming beyond CTV to provide advertisers with a one-stop solution to gather consumer insights, strategize, and steer ahead to fulfill their marketing endeavors," adds Lum.
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App Science®

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Helen Lum, EVP

App Science® harnesses the power of smartphones to provide clients with a 55MM People-Based Household Graph containing insights from 280 million mobile devices and 110 CTV human behavior signals. The firm’s mobile-first advanced analytics offers a holistic view of clients’ audiences, helping them comprehend every bit of data on who they are reaching, where they are reaching, and how to improve their marketing approach. As a result, clients are able to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving consumer landscape