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Kousuke Sogo, CEO, AnyMind GroupKousuke Sogo, CEO
To run operations smoothly, marketing and sales teams need to work smarter, not harder, in today’s fast-paced business environment. As selling and buying processes continue to rely more on digital tools and assets, companies can no longer ignore a sales enablement app that makes the most out of every point of contact with customers and prospects. According to an independent study, a 20 percent increase in growth is recorded when a business aligns its marketing and sales departments with facilitating better communication. A sales enablement app improves communications and unites stakeholders in sales, marketing, and operations around the common goal of equipping salespeople with the right resources, tools, and processes to sell effectively. At this juncture, Singapore-based AnyMind Group has created one of the first end-to-end brand enablement platforms, developing and providing inter-connected software and offerings to enable individuals and businesses - from brand building, manufacturing and e-commerce, to marketing, logistics, and global expansion. The company is on a mission to make every business borderless by removing borders between businesses and customers, online and offline, and between industries, data silos, geographical boundaries, and more. From brand building, manufacturing and e-commerce, to marketing, logistics, AnyMind’s platform take care of everything. AnyMind Group was founded in Singapore in April 2016 and has since expanded into 13 markets and 17 offices, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

As a business enablement platform, the firm looks to make every business borderless by providing a suite of solutions that effectively help forward-thinking individuals and enterprises become borderless.
Its comprehensive analytics suite allows customers to understand their customer’s behavior, conversations, buying trends, inventory insights, and order fulfillment, therefore empowering individuals and influencers with invaluable insights. With AnyMind’s suite, users can easily create products through cloud manufacturing anytime, anywhere. Apart from analytics and manufacturing, clients get access to tools that supercharge their e-commerce infrastructure, including site optimization and traffic analysis and automation capabilities. In addition, the suite also provides software for logistics needs, from inventory and warehouse management to product shipping. Furthermore, the firm takes a step forward to help clients fulfill their expansion aspirations. With local teams across 13 markets, it provides best-in-class expertise and support to clients.

The secret sauce to AnyMind Group’s success is a strong team. The firm believes in driving growth for everyone through commitment, speed, and adaptability. As a fast-growing and fast-evolving business, AnyMind has brought in a panel of advisors and experts across various fields to provide a unique competitive edge and agility to lead market trends. Headed by Kousuke Sogo, the company is engaged in developing and providing Internet technology and software to design solutions for the future.
  • With AnyMind’s suite, users can easily create products through cloud manufacturing anytime, anywhere.

In the case study, Japanese model Chihiro Inohana approached AnyMind to procure its services to launch her new fashion brand. Reaching an agreement, AnyMind provided its suite and the platform that were carefully curated and produced by the influencer. By delivering cloud manufacturing and e-commerce infrastructure solutions, the firm enabled Chihiro Inohana with the proper business infrastructure to operate digitally.

“Traditional marketing campaigns fail to sway customers in the 21st century. Today’s fatigued customers want to reject blatant marketing and nonsensical massaging. Sales enablement apps are the future, and AnyMind Group is at the forefront in this regard. To keep up its pole position in the market, the firm is investing heavily in R &D to strengthen the app by adding more features to create better customer experiences.
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AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group


Kousuke Sogo, CEO

AnyMind Group develops and provides software that supports individuals and businesses for brand product planning and manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, marketing, and logistics. AnyMind Group was founded in April 2016 by Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi and has expanded its business to 13 markets and 17 locations worldwide. The company’s mission is to "make every business borderless", and it will continue to remove borders between online and offline, geographical boundaries, and industries through the power of data and technology