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Garth Viegas,General Manager, North America, Analytic EdgeGarth Viegas,General Manager, North America
Brands use several analytical techniques to measure the effectiveness of their marketing programs which straddle multiple channels such as print, TV, and digital, among others. Today, a convergence of factors is forcing brands to re-think their approach to marketing attribution.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by perhaps ten years. Impending cookie loss driven by new privacy policies of Google, Apple, and other prominent players is irrevocably changing digital advertising. Marketing activity has evolved from periodic campaigns to continuous communication. Media planning is becoming an always-on exercise versus something that is executed every 12-18 months. And trade fragmentation and emerging new e-commerce channels present marketers with an ever-changing media landscape.

In this scenario, marketers must pivot their marketing attribution tools rapidly to accelerate decision-making and marketing operations to a much faster pace. This is now, in itself, a competitive advantage.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) has been used for decades by consumer goods companies across industries but was constrained by several limitations. It was expensive, resource-intensive, and time-consuming. This made it unfeasible to scale across the organization. More importantly, it was not ‘always-on’ and could not keep pace with today’s businesses where marketing decisions need to be made rapidly and frequently.

The excellent news is next-generation MMM solutions have evolved to become future-ready. And just as every generation discovers the joys of rock ‘n roll, today’s marketers are re-discovering the benefits of MMM.

Analytic Edge’s Demand DriversTM is a cloud-based integrated marketing analytics platform that delivers ‘always-on’ marketing effectiveness measurement and decision-making support for brands and marketers.

Always-on decision support

With marketing planning evolving from campaigns to continuous communication, many brands embrace new media planning practices, leaning into it as an always-on exercise.

“What marketers need today are real-time, actionable, and forward-looking insights pertinent to the point in time that decisions are being made.

Analytic Edge’s Demand DriversTM is a cloud-based integrated marketing analytics platform that delivers ‘always-on’ marketing effectiveness measurement and decision-making support for brands and marketers

This means insights must enable them to make quick and instant decisions on how to tweak their media planning and spending for maximum impact,” says Garth Viegas, General Manager, North America, Analytic Edge.

“Our Demand DriversTM, MMM SaaS platform, uses an always-on approach that enables continuous marketing effectiveness measurement. This is achieved by extensively incorporating automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) into every step of the MMM process.”

On-Demand marketing attribution

With traditional MMM, brands were utterly dependent on external analytics specialists. This was time-consuming and expensive and resulted in organizations restricting themselves to running it less frequently and only for their largest brands and markets. According to Viegas, a user-interface-based MMM SaaS platform like Demand DriversTM democratizes MMM by bringing it in-house and allowing marketers to update and run models as frequently as they need without requiring highly specialized analytics skills or knowledge of programming.

Resilience to privacy laws and cookie loss

Although data sources and marketing channels are proliferating, access to the granular user-level data required by many digital attribution systems is being phased out due to changes in privacy regulations, corporate policies, and other factors. These include GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), phasing out of third-party cookies by the world’s most used browsers, and Apple restrictions on IDFA on iOS Devices (with Android announcing similar plans). Analytic Edge’s Demand DriversTM MMM SaaS platform is privacy-friendly and highly resilient to these ecosystem changes. It relies on aggregated data and can measure the impact of digital and offline marketing and non-marketing activity on sales.

Says Garth Viegas, “For all these reasons, MMM is being seen by marketers in a new light and is making a comeback. MMM SaaS platforms such as Demand DriversTM are best positioned to leverage the power of modeling. They offer marketers the cost, scale, and speed advantages they need and deliver always-on decision support while providing an alternative to both attribution modeling and traditional MMM approaches. ”
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Analytic Edge

Analytic Edge

Pennington, NJ

Garth Viegas,General Manager, North America

Helping businesses effectively utilize MMM is Analytic Edge that integrates technology, industry knowledge, and advanced statistical techniques to deliver fast actionable business insights. The company resolves all the challenges that organizations face in the cookieless world, such as limited simulation and planning tools that limit the use of the model and expensive and time-consuming execution of a model. Their cloud-based, integrated MMM platform, Demand Drivers™, enables continuous measurement and delivers ‘always on’ simulation and forecasting, with the cost, scale, and speed advantages that come from an integrated system