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Diego Gomila, Founder & CEO, AffiliredDiego Gomila, Founder & CEO
Travel and tourism industry, one of the hardest hits during the pandemic, is recovering and booming. The resulting surge in online bookings has propped it on a firm foundation and facilitated a steady stream of revenue for travel and tourism brands.

The resulting competitiveness in the market is propelling brands to differentiate their offerings through branding strategies and attract the major chunk of online bookings.

Affilired is helping travel and tourism brands in these efforts with its performance marketing solutions.

As a multi-platform marketing agency, Affilired offers performance marketing solutions for travel companies to generate brand awareness, increase web traffic, and drive conversions (sales). One of the key services Affilired offers its clients is Affiliate Marketing. Through their unique approach, they connect worldwide companies with multiple international affiliate networks to attract web traffic and generate direct sales.

Knowledge of the length and breadth of travel industry, combined with its cost-per-acquisition (CPA) business model, gives Affilired a competitive edge in the marketing space.

“We are 100 percent performance-based, which differentiates us from other digital marketing agencies. With no upfront costs or monthly fees, clients do not need to make large investments as all they have to pay is just a very competitive commission on generated sales,” says Diego Gomila, Founder and CEO of Affilired.

The affiliate marketing solution helps brands increase their visibility via diverse platforms and global partners. It connects them with multiple platforms and unifies them in one panel. All the sales coming from different affiliates and networks are combined in one control panel, making sales management and monitoring easy for the clients.

The company recruits and verifies external affiliates, ensuring brand protection and fraud control. With affiliates taking over the promotion, brand exposure is guaranteed, even if it doesn’t result in conversions. Brands can easily connect and engage with new audiences and reach potential customers.

If we focus on the travel industry, one of Affilired’s key areas, it is interesting how they resolve last-minute booking challenges that many hotel chains are facing lately.
It helps by strategically advertising advanced offers across multiple affiliate platforms, thereby increasing the qualified traffic and enabling companies to boost early bookings.

Affilired also offers performance SEM campaigns to help brands grow their online businesses. Carried out on a CPA basis, clients only need to pay in advance when a click generates a sale. The international campaigns strategically position brands in the top search engines, bring them to newer markets, and increase brand visibility. They are also instrumental in influencing customer choice behaviour and boosting sales by a wide margin.

Today’s digital ecosystem has made it challenging to choose the proper channels to place adverts and maximise conversions. Affilired offers programmatic advertising solutions to combat this challenge. Through various advertising models like dynamic display, native, and video advertising, Affilired enables brands to gain better and more cost-effective user engagement. Many brands leveraging programmatic advertising campaigns are witnessing up to 43 percent conversions. Again, the company is responsible for the campaign management from the start and takes on all the risks of the campaign implementation, while the client only pays a commission if the campaigns generate sales. Customised onsite solutions from Affilired significantly bring down online cart abandonment and recover users. Through email remarketing and overlay offers, brands can reconnect with their customers with exciting offers. The onsite personalised actions engage customers and redirect them to make the purchase. These campaigns are carefully selected by Affilired to maximize the return on direct sales.
  • The affiliate marketing solution helps brands increase their visibility via diverse platforms and global partners. It connects them with multiple platforms and unifies them in one panel

Affilired’s performance marketing solutions have benefited many brands by expanding their visibility and generating more international sales. One client witnessed a whopping 230 percent increase in revenue and a 120 percent increase in direct sales with strategic marketing campaigns.

Its skilled and experienced team allows Affilired to manage campaigns effectively and deliver the best results to clients. It offers various services, including advanced technical support and tracking code testing.

Affilired, with over 20 years of experience in performance marketing, has worked with numerous companies around the globe. It has worked with diverse industries, including travel, retail, fashion, and beauty. It has expanded its coverage from Europe to APAC and aims to make a difference in the American market. Moving forward, Affilired strives to better position brands across multiple markets and be the front-runner in direct sales generation.
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Diego Gomila, Founder & CEO

Affilired is a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in generating sales on commission basis. Affilired provides performance marketing solutions for travel and retail companies to create brand awareness, increase web traffic, and boost sales. They help brands They help companies around the world to enhance their brand awareness and increase their direct sales through a variety of successful performance marketing solutions: Affiliate marketing, CPA SEM campaigns, Programmatic Advertising and Onsite solutions