AdTonos: A Positive Shift in Marketing: Interactive Audio Ads Are Stealing the Spotlight

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Michael Marcinik, Founder & CEO, AdTonosMichael Marcinik, Founder & CEO
In the present competitive ad space, the digital content industry is booming with attention-grabbing experiences to become a prominent part of the contemporary marketing mix. Interactive audio ads are gaining substantial traction because of their ability to combine traditional advertising and targeting with the interactivity of digital ads.

To push boundaries and genuinely engage with listeners, brands must exploit the power of voice interactivity to create long-lasting impressions.

AdTonos is breaking new ground in interactive audio ads with its cutting-edge technology, YoursTruly, allowing customers to request information or order products directly from their smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant.

“YoursTruly is creating a new wave in advertising by allowing listeners to interact with voice prompts embedded within ads from their smart devices in a completely hands-free way,” says Michael Marcinik, Founder and CEO of AdTonos.

The element of interactivity makes YoursTruly™ stand out in the ad domain. Advertisers can explore and exploit the full capabilities of smart devices while including attention-grabbing interactivity in their ad campaigns.

But its innovative solutions don’t stop here. AdTonos has gone a step further and developed a solution called Audiopixel, which measures customer interaction activity with audio ads. This allows advertisers to better understand user behavior and gauge the ad's value. Audiopixel™ can be easily integrated with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager to provide a campaign overview in one place. Its advanced conversion tracking metrics, dynamic remarketing capabilities, and detailed reports allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of every audio campaign and ad.

Another essential product in the ad tech portfolio is Twilight, AdTonos’ technology solution for broadcasting and targeting ads in podcasts.
Twilight enables contextual podcast advertising backed by Machine Learning/NLP to detect & measure: topics, sentiment, mood and keywords and put brands in the right context & audience.

Equally interesting is the Sandstorm SDK, which allows advertisers to plug non-intrusive audio ads into games without interrupting gameplay. This enables gamers to play seamlessly while hearing about a new product or service in the background.

Players stay engaged, developers get to monetize their games, and advertisers reach their products to people in a less intrusive way.

Among its many successful ad campaigns, AdTonos ran an interactive audio campaign on behalf of Audi in collaboration with Octave Audio and Omnicom Media Group’s PHD on Kiss FM, Magic radio, and Absolute radio. The campaign’s purpose was to direct listeners to their nearest Audi center to book a test drive, assist listeners with bookings, and email them the confirmation for the bookings.

YoursTruly was integrated with the booking system of Audi's dealers. The intelligent geolocation technology enabled listeners to select the nearest dealership. Listeners using smart devices like Alexa were asked if they wanted to book a test drive. For those who said yes, the AI determined the nearest Audi dealer to their location and began the booking process. The test drive was confirmed through a follow-up email sent to the customer.

Out of the 547,784 total playouts across Magic, Kiss, and Absolute radio stations, there were 507 interactions in just one week.

YoursTruly is creating a new wave in advertising by allowing listeners to interact with voice prompts embedded within ads from their smart devices in a completely hands-free way

“By allowing advertisers to dynamically insert interactive ads in live radio content, YoursTruly™ led to an increase in conversion rates, allowing the audience to engage with the brands they love in a way that doesn’t interfere with their listening experience,” says Katarzyna Bargielska, Co-founder and CMO of AdTonos.

The future of audio will continue to innovate with engaging ad experiences for the benefit of listeners and brands. AdTonos will keep enabling brands to experiment and connect with their audience, revealing a deeper understanding of their brand while tapping into consumer interest.
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Michael Marcinik, Founder & CEO

AdTonos, a digital audio advertising company has transformed the future of audio ads through their cutting edge technology— YoursTruly, which bridges the gap between digital audio advertising and the customer through voice interactivity