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Paul Anthony, Managing Director, Adhere DigitalPaul Anthony, Managing Director
Change makers like Paul Walsh will always enhance the standards of a system or body of work once they encounter any discrepancy. And they will do everything in their capacity to bring about the desired change in the system. Upon relocating to his home country, Ireland, after stints at various large and small digital marketing agencies in London, Walsh found the state of affairs of digital marketing agencies, in Ireland, baffling. "Agencies in London, irrespective of their size, are extremely invested in tech and always ahead of the curve," says Paul. "While in Ireland, agencies were only aware of a piece of the digital marketing puzzle and not the whole puzzle." As a result, these agencies consistently failed to deliver value for money to their customers, and Walsh set out to change this notion. He established Adhere Digital, in 2018, with a mission to raise the standards of Digital Marketing agencies in Ireland.

Galway based Adhere Digital is focused on driving highly targeted traffic to their client's website. Through a strong base in data, the company aims to significantly reduce their client's expenditure on their digital marketing endeavour. Walsh's team comprises digital marketing experts who specialize in all aspects of Search Engine Marketing, including PPC (Pay per Click), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Digital Consultancy. Google and Bing being their primary expertise. Adhere Digital also caters to the paid social ads on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook & Instagram.

The company relies heavily on analytics, machine learning & automation and has created a platform for reporting and tracking for every journey. In depth reporting was amiss in the existing agencies in Ireland, and Adhere Digital could fill the gap. The clients can get daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the performance of their ads, along with actionable insights. Walsh stresses the importance of being super granular and detailed with results that have helped them massively support their clients over competitors. The clients agree with their dedication.

One such client is Revive Active, a natural health company based out of Galway, Ireland. Revive Active had an in-house team but felt there were still inefficiencies within their Google Ads account. They wanted to do away with recurring issues surrounding their online advertising campaigns and needed to increase revenues and sales without compromising cost. Wastage of human and monetary resources was also a cause of concern. Their prior experience with agencies was unsatisfactory because they were monitoring the advertising account monthly, not daily. The oversight had resulted in piles of data that otherwise could've been used to create impactful campaigns.

The digital marketing landscape changes fast. With that in mind we have been working hard on both testing & partnering up with AI platforms that help us keep us with the pace. Just because a campaign worked a few months ago, it doesn’t mean it will always work and understanding how & when to change things is imperative to long term, continued success.

David Hayes, Head of Digital Marketing, Revive Active, reached out to Adhere Digital for help. Upon analysis of their situation, Paul and the team employed an advanced Google Ads Strategy for them. The team increased the returns without driving costs up by duplicating what already worked well and carefully analyzing various data points such as devices, user location, and time/ day of the week. Adhere Digital then introduced machine learning to help them scale further and restructured the paid search, display and YouTube advertising and Google campaigns. Such an active and tech-based solution resulted in a 2,296.33 per cent increase in revenue and a 20.14 per cent increase in conversion rates. "Adhere Digital have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally, we feel they have taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team," says Hayes.

Paul mentions that performance marketing is where they take pride in delivering results and measurability, gives them an edge over the competition. Adhere Digital is investing in developing a MarTech platform that will help them increase the returns even further from the likes of Google ads and Facebook and lead generation. "We'll be plugging digital advertising tools into other technology systems that will allow us to get much greater returns and value back to our clients," says Walsh. There is also an expansion plan, to open a London base, where the company aims to continue growing it UK client base. “After spending most of my professional career there, a large part of my professional network is in London. This, combined with seeing a large increase in London clients in the last 12 months, makes sense to open a London office, where myself and the team can continue to develop these relationships and make it even easier for new London & UK Business to onboard with us”, while continuing to grow our presence in the Irish market.
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Adhere Digital

Adhere Digital

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