Doceree Raises the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Physician Communications for Pharma Marketers - Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree

Marketing plans for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands are often split between markets without the availability of a platform that spans multiples countries to deliver messages to physicians. However, with Doceree’s global presence in the United States and India, we are able to provide a solution to marketers that expands beyond a single region of the world. With a growth trajectory that continues to rise, we will bring the first global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing to even more pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. When pharma marketers align with Doceree, here are several ways that we embolden our partners to employ creative and data-driven physician marketing strategies to elevate campaign outcomes.

Data-driven approach to enhance physician marketing At Doceree, we devised a platform to enrich physician communications across endemic and Point of Care networks to advance the way pharma marketers communicate with physicians across digital channels. With a data-driven approach to physician marketing, our platform provides pharma marketers with access to physicians that are logged-in on endemic and Point of Care platforms to connect with medical professionals that are in the medical mindset and tending to patients. Regulations are prominent in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector for communications directed to physicians.
  • At Doceree, we devised a platform to enrich physician communications across endemic and Point of Care networks to advance the way pharma marketers communicate with physicians across digital channels.

Therefore, we are able to support marketers to overcome those barriers on EHR, eRx, telehealth and endemic mediums, since our solution is regulatory compliant for physician marketing messages and adheres to the parameters for the category. Also, our automated ecosystem enhances outcomes for pharma marketers to connect with physicians in a transparent manner and share educational content pertaining to their specialty in a safe and secure environment. Physicians are served personalized messages at opportune moments on Point of Care platforms Pharma marketers are challenged to continue to breakthrough to communicate with physicians on Point of Care platforms, but our programmatic solution delivers messages to physicians at opportune moments during their patient visits. While the pandemic has accelerated the usage of telehealth channels, identifying the moment when the content is beneficial to physicians is a vital factor in the success of a marketing campaign. In addition, the shared content has to resonate with the physician and also be of value to the patients they are treating. Further, when operating marketing efforts on Point of Care mediums, we understand the expectations that medical professionals have for their interactions with pharma marketers, which is why our platform doesn’t disrupt the physician’s experience. We recognize the focus must remain on the patient and the message being delivered should be distributed at well-timed moments that support the physician’s dialogue with a patient. Understand physician behaviors and enrich precision targeting communications
Our identity-resolution proprietary technology, ESPYIAN ,has the ability to identify similar physician profiles that marketers can target with the usage of AI, data segmentation and analytics. The precision targeting capabilities are elevated with the ability to deliver messages to physicians based on learning a physician’s prescribing behavior and archetype to enrich interactions. With the ability to serve customized content that resonates with physicians, communications on our platform open the opportunity to share messages to physicians in a non-coercive manner that pertains to their interests and advances their knowledge within their specialty. Our automated ecosystem empowers marketers to engage physicians when they are logged-in to professional endemic and Point of Care platforms and impart communications in the most safe, secure and transparent manner. Thus, physician exchanges with pharma marketers are streamlined to provide informative content that guides medical professionals to provide the high-quality care to their patients. Measure and refine marketing campaigns with real-time analytics Our platform was developed to provide marketers with actionable insights. Instead of waiting for marketing campaigns to conclude for pharmaceutical brands to measure its impact, we’ve devised a dashboard that provides a real-time overview of the success and limitations of marketing efforts. Too often pharmaceutical and healthcare brands are unaware of the metrics for a campaign until the conclusion. Therefore, we want to change that practice and have the analytics available throughout the duration of the campaign, so the content, formats and channels can be refined mid-campaign to optimize marketing initiatives. At Doceree, we are progressing to address the problem of the rising cost of healthcare by advancing efficiency and effectiveness of marketing tactics by using data and creativity in physician marketing. While physician communications continue to evolve across endemic and Point of Care networks, we will continue to bolster our offerings for pharma marketers to successfully connect with physicians. As a one-of-a-kind platform, we provide a premium physician marketing solution that provides pharmaceutical and healthcare brands with a tool to better optimize physician marketing campaigns.
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