The marketing curve in 2019
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It is interesting to review innovations in marketing which can bring great commercial transformation in the business. Digital marketing is such an ever open innovation which provides creative opportunities to marketers. Keeping track with the...

B2B Lead Generation Game Changers of 2019
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The market is continually evolving, and customers are changing along with it. Marketers have to stay relevant and useful to the customers. It is essential to observe the market and pinpoint the latest marketing trends for an effective lead...

The Top B2B Content Marketing Trends In 2019
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Melissa Garcia, Director of Marketing, Streampage

As that elusive number one spot on Google continues to slip out of reach, content marketers may need another game plan to reach their customers. Trying to be the brightest, shiniest needle in order to stand out in the haystack isn't...

The Digital and IP Rise and Reign over Sports Broadcast
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Michael Davies, SVP-Field & Technical Operations, FOX Sports Media Group

IP technology in sports broadcast is increasing its stature in playing game-changing role in sports broadcast technology. While the largest sports broadcasts have been placing a growing reliance on IP to enhance and grow, the smaller broadcasts...

How to Effectively Combine Communication with Real-Time Collaboration
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Brady O. Bruce, CMO, InFocus

Using technology to help employees communicate with one another and collaborate on projects is the norm of the modern workplace. With employees working remotely and customers, suppliers, and partners residing across the globe, staying connected is...

Avoid Being the Next Casualty in the Retail Apocalypse
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Sahal Laher, CDO & CIO, Destination XL Group [NASDAQ:DXLG]

How are customer expectations driving changes for retail? There is extreme competition in the retail industry today and thousands of stores are closing in what is being described as the retail apocalypse. You cannot focus merely on...

Marketing 2016: Lead with Strategy, Follow with Tools
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Kristin Kelley, CMO, Randstad North America

Marketing activities should always facilitate the sales cycle and support specific sales activities. As marketers, our job is to build our brands by listening to the many conversations taking place around us and to create value that drives those...

Aarki Integrates Creative Optimization and Media Buying for Mobile App Marketing
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Aarki, an integrated platform for performance dynamic creative optimization and programmatic media set, is considerable in app marketing. Unlike other mobile app marketing companies, Aarki believes that advertising can increase...

Pirsonal: Driving Sales and Customer Engagement through Individualized Videos
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Josías De La Espada, CEO

The company provides an innovative Individualized Video Marketing Platform along with consulting and project services that help companies evoke a reaction from their segmented and individualized...

nFusz, Inc. [OTCQB:FUSZ]: Reinventing CRM
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Rory J. Cutaia, CEO

nFüsz has reinvented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today’s video-centric business and social environment

OMI: The Right Mix of Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement and CRM Integration Services Propels 17-year-old SaaS Based Company
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Brad Banyas, CEO Paul Sciandra, COO Thomas E. Orton, CFO

Cloud Service Provider delivering products & services that connect CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement for businesses that are serious about new Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth...

Tremor Video (NYSE:TRMR): Steering the Rudder for Video Advertisers
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Bill Day, CEO

Provides software for video advertising effectiveness

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