ISO 9001- What Is in IT for me?
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Govind Ramu, Senior Director, Global Quality Management Systems, SunPower Corporation [NASDAQ:SPWR]

ISO 9001, an international standard for Quality Management System (QMS) requirements were revised on Sept 2015. This widely implemented standard has close to 1.2 million certifications worldwide. ISO 9001 requirements first released in 1987...

3 Standard Ways to Proactively Manage Peak Performance
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Pat Patterson, Senior Director of Marketing, Avaya

A brief snapshot of the current state of technology in 2016: 3.5 billion people are online and collectively their traffic is measured in zettabytes. 3.4 billion new devices are expected to be sold—joining what Gartner estimates will be 6.4...

GlobalView Releases New Version of MarketView Desktop with Advanced Features
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CHICAGO, IL: GlobalView, provider of enterprise-wide market data solutions for the commodity industry, has released the new version 6.5 of MarketView Desktop. MarketView Desktop enables users to access a wide- collection of global energy and...