The State of Marketing Measurement & Attribution
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George Musi, EVP, Marketing Sciences, Publicis One

As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-chang in.” Today’s marketing landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and the pace is accelerating. This, in turn, has resulted in severe fragmentation and diversity of the...

How to Improve Sales Productivity?
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Sales representative already have a tough job. The strategic tools will just help them to be more effective and work efficiently to hit the goals of their organization. FREMONT, CA: A major role in sales is known for being arduous as because...

How Predictive Analytics In Contact Centers Can Improve Your Customer Retention?
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Kalyan Banga, Director, Research & Analytics, VOZIQ

A loyal, paying customer is the best success any type of business can have. Everybody knows this fact. However, when we start getting into nitty-gritty of retaining best customers, it starts getting complicated. Customer retention is often driven...

Allocadia Announces Allocadia Cloud Exchange to Enhance Marketing Performance
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Marketing Tech Insights

VANCOUVER, BC: Allocadia, developer of Marketing Performance Management software has come up with data integration framework, Allocadia Cloud Exchange to offer enhanced marketing services. The software has the ability to easily connect the company...