Mobile Marketing: Tackling the Odds
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Sean Patrick Rossi, Senior Marketing Director US Mobile, Samsung Electronics America

What are the recent trends and the pain points you have witnessed in the mobile marketing landscape? I think for many the evergreen challenge is to reach the target audience effectively and efficienctly. In the era of digital technology and the...

Mobile Marketing: Tackling the Odds
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Sean Patrick Rossi, Senior Marketing Director US, Samsung Electronics America

1. What are the recent trends and the pain points you have witnessed in the mobile marketing landscape? As a company, it is imperative for us to reach the target audience. In the era of digital technology and the onset of machine learning,...

Extend Mobile Experiences Beyond the Screen for Lasting Impact
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Joseph Sutton, Marketing Writer, MediaMonks

The “there’s an app for that” era of mobile has long past, making way for a new one: the era of ecosystems and experiences, in which consumers expect to retain a constant connection with brands in all moments and hours of the...

AI-Powered Shopping Cart to Assist Shoppers
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Caper labs has developed a solution that has a built-in scanning and payment terminal in a shopping cart. The device on the cart has a small touch screen that helps businesses to advertise promotions. The cart’s function at this point...

Incorporating New Technology to Enhance Digital Marketing Performance
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New technological advancements made significant changes in digital marketing in 2018. Technology does not aim to take over human jobs; instead, it makes the system we use smarter, to give a more efficient output. Adopting the latest trends will...

Integrating ABM in Marketing Strategy for Increased ROI
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B2B marketers have lately recognized that account-based marketing plays a vital role in any prominent go-to-market strategy. According to the Digital Marketing Institute survey, it is estimated that 92 percent of the companies acknowledge that ABM...

Moving towards result-driven mobile marketing strategies
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Digital marketing rules the present advertising industry, creating and promoting revolutionary audience targeting and reaching strategies. Recently, marketers are embracing mobile marketing, which has become one of the prime marketing methods....

A Checklist for Technology Integrators to Enhance their Digital Marketing Strategies
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Technology integrators are familiar with the term- Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To increase their visibility on Google, businesses are striving hard to use the right keywords, get more reviews, write regular blog posts, and get articles...

Leveraging Social Media to Promote Events
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Today, social media is integrated into every aspect of people’s daily lives. Social platforms are important tools for communicating and mobilizing people, from promoting concerts to organizing protest marches. Social media...

Machine Learning: A Hotbed of Mobile Advertising
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The increasing number of mobile devices and the volume of applications on each phone mean a lot of information being created in the mobile world. Managing this large volume of data in a limited time with less advanced technologies is a hilarious...

Mobile Marketing Software for Enhanced Customer Engagement
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Amidst this rapidly changing scenario, the game of marketing has become tighter due to the advent of technology due to the ever-increasing customer demand to have personalized treatment. To meet this criterion, a large section of marketers has...

Proximity Marketing: Misconceptions Disproved
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People today rely on smartphones to find a local business which has recommendations from social apps and previously visited sites. Proximity-based mobile marketing makes use of location-enabled devices to reach out to customers with smartphones...

Applying Marketing Strategy in Social Media
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E-commerce has been using all kinds of advanced technologies to attract customers by better understanding their needs. Social media is prominently a significant platform with massive human traffic as any person inactive on social media is rare....

Mobile Marketings' Role in Defining Business Growth
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Today’s customers expect their phones to provide a deeply personalized experience and support when they purchase a product or search for any information. Many people depend on their telephone as the only telecom source, and there are others...

Digital Marketing Will Completely Depend on Artificial Intelligence
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The advancement in the fields of digital marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) is groundbreaking. AI is the ability of a computer or computer-enabled robotic system to gather, curate, process, and analyze vast amounts of data. Therefore, AI...

Strategies for Mobile App Marketing
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Smartphones are the favorite devices of present day customers. For a company to leverage this technology, it must be positioned in mobile marketing to build longer and valuable relationships with their users. In the year 2018, mobile app marketers...

Benefits of Digital Advertising
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New possibilities and persistent challenges continue to plague the arena of digital advertising. Digital advertising is about the specialization in three main kinds: acquired advertising like communications generated through public relations...

What's New for Mobile SEO?
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David Baldie, Global Director of Mobile Engineering, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Quite a lot if you have not been paying much attention to the SEO world lately. It has already been two years since mobile surpassed desktop as the number one way people access the internet. Search providers are experimenting with ways to serve up...

Mobile Marketing and the Evolution Of e-Commerce
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Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot, Inc. [NASDAQ:SALE]

Consumers love to shop. However, the means and methods in which they find what they want continue to evolve; and in true digital fashion, the e-commerce industry has transformed once again. More than ever before, it feels as if marketers...

Customize and Communicate-Two Key Element to Success for Retailers
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Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI

Designing Verticalized System for 360-degree Customer View It’s easy to over complicate. Ultimately retail is divided by two lowest common denominators of data–at the product level and at the customer level. Product may be SKU or...
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