How is Tech Fuelling Customer Experience?
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Brands must evolve continually along with technological advancements to keep pace with the ever changing customer demands and expectations. FREMONT, CA: Customers are the most crucial aspect of a business enterprise. For any business to thrive,...

Navigating Customer Experience in the Digital Age
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Jill Rooks, Director of Customer Experience, Zodiac Pool Systems, LLC

Customers want you to meet their expectations. But in a world where consumers want different things, face different problems, and use different channels, accomplishing this is a lot more complicated than it sounds. While many tech and IoT...

5 Potential Ways IoT Can Transform Customer Service
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The newer and smarter capabilities of IoT, are making it the primary technology that will contribute to enhanced customer experience.  FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is known for offering smart use cases to various business...

Know How AI is Revolutionizing Industries
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Artificial Intelligence is persistently growing in every sector, and industries are looking forward to AI applications to achieve digital transformation, leading to better opportunities and growth. FREMONT, CA: Over the next few years,...

Combined Potential of IoT and Data Analytics
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IoT and data analytics are assisting organizations in proactively engaging with data for better decision-making. FREMONT, CA: The world is becoming smaller because of a sharp rise in the number of interconnected devices, largely via the...

Role of IoT and AR in Marketing Strategies
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Both IoT and AR together can provide marketers with innovative ideas, improving customer experiences. FREMONT, CA: IoT has become the digital world's game-changer by turning tests into complete deployments. Industries such as retail,...

Future Lies Where IoT Meets Digital Marketing
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The inherent quality of IoT to connect the internet with objects used by the customers is allowing the marketers to engage with their customers in every phase of the customer journey. FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) is...

IoT Takes Customer Experience to the Next Level!
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The proliferation of IoT devices has enabled businesses to gather quality data and forecast consumer demands, thus successfully augmenting customer experience. FREMONT, CA – The rapid digitalization and connectivity facilitated by the...

Event Management Getting Easier with IoT
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Earlier event management involved a range of manual processes. Technologies like the internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) are helping the event planners to find unique ways to engage attendees. FREMONT,...

The Customer is the Only Boss
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In the cut-throat competitive world of e-commerce, combined technology, and devices as well as locations drive customer engagement. The renovation follows the path of new customer engagement advancement as soon as the business makes it convenient...

Big Data: The New Grazing Ground for the Marketers
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FREMONT, CA: It is crucial to decipher the importance that Big Data holds for us in the modern age, where information is worldwide, and significant and technological progress is evident. Big data is all the information that can be encoded based on...

How the Latest Tech Trends are Ushering in the "Devotion Economy"
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Mike Proulx, Chief Innovation Officer, Hill Holliday

Last October, YouTube users experienced a major global outage that lasted for more than an hour, triggering a material spike in Netflix subscriptions. While this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Especially considering that in March,...

IoT-Powered Content Marketing
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FREMONT, CA: IoT-based devices are increasing at an exponential rate. The technology is getting into various sectors with enhanced user experience. However, content marketing is an area where the possibility of using IoT is often...

Largest Independent Marketing Exchange Connecting Brands to Consumers
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OpenX provides high-quality and value publications of all kinds of connected screen and ad format to brands, publishers, and consumers at a global level. In one of the world's most important and highest-quality ad exchanges, the company...

AI and Data: Guiding Enterprises to the Future
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The main agenda is to improve the customer experience. With the current rate of growth of big data and the ease of accessibility of customer information to marketers, they look at data in a much more pleasing manner. With each passing day,...

Ecommerce Merging With Digital Marketing Technologies
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Sam Cinquegrani, Founder and CEO, ObjectWave Corp

Integrating Digital Touchpoints  This is all about integration. And to get integration correct, you need collaboration between interested parties. I find that to be the most challenging issue with enterprises. But imagine if a...

Understanding The Functionality of CDPs
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Businesses today are awash in data than ever before. This data is stored in silos, making it very difficult for organizations to provide consistent customer experience across various channels and consumer devices. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)...

Enhancing User Experience with High-Tech Innovations
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Real success of any business lies in adding more happy customers to its clientele. Emphasizing on methods to improve customer experience becomes one of the quintessential ways for a company to flourish. Realizing that customers’ trust,...

The Role of Technologies in Business Transformation
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In recent years, the technology is endowing and improving Customer Relationship Management and other services with most prominent techs such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and so on. But the...

What constitutes for Efficient Customer Data Platforms
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Customer data Platform (CDP) is an innovative solution to manage a customer’s data. CDPs provide a single platform to import customer data from various platforms and then integrate, clean, and organize the data to create a unified...
Top 10 Customer Data Platform Solution Companies - 2019