The State of Marketing Measurement & Attribution
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George Musi, EVP, Marketing Sciences, Publicis One

As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-chang in.” Today’s marketing landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and the pace is accelerating. This, in turn, has resulted in severe fragmentation and diversity of the...

5 Potential Ways IoT Can Transform Customer Service
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The newer and smarter capabilities of IoT, are making it the primary technology that will contribute to enhanced customer experience.  FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is known for offering smart use cases to various business...

Loyalty Management Meets Artificial Intelligence
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By orders of magnitude, AI has enhanced loyalty programs, allowing companies to build enjoyable and personalized experiences for their clients. FREMONT, CA: Reaching clients through e-commerce is becoming exceedingly difficult. With fewer...

Billups Rides the Waves of OOH with its Exceptional Adtech Offerings!
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Rick Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer

The out-of-home sector has enabled organizations to move their campaigns beyond the antiquated approaches and ensure greater consumer engagement. FREMONT, CA: Among the tech companies that have made the out-of-home (OOH) industry what it...

IoT Takes Customer Experience to the Next Level!
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The proliferation of IoT devices has enabled businesses to gather quality data and forecast consumer demands, thus successfully augmenting customer experience. FREMONT, CA – The rapid digitalization and connectivity facilitated by the...

boostr's Omnichannel Order Management System will Eliminate Siloed Ad Sales and Operations
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Integrating OMS will help marketing advertising teams save time and improve predictability in order to obtain further earnings from the business. FREMONT, CA: Looking at the new-generation customers, providing the right brand experience across...

Benefits of Bolstering CRM with IaaS
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As companies are digitizing most of the processes, machine learning can bring excellent company values to the CRM consumers.  FREMONT, CA: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are the backbone of many enterprises, and...

AR is the Future of Mobile Marketing
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AR is augmenting brand value among the audiences with more lively ads and adding the fun factor. FREMONT, CA: Businesses are using augmented reality (AR) in innovative ways to gain an edge over the traditional ads. Many are also eyeing mobile...

ML: Enhancing Sales and Improving ROI
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Streamlining the marketing mix by identifying sales tactics and programs revolutionizes marketing with machine learning. FREMONT, CA: With Machine Learning (ML) continually proving to be the next big thing in technology space and the world...

Laying the Foundation to Eliminate Digital Ad Fraud
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Jerelle Gainey, CTO, Drum Agency

I’ll start with a simple premise; it is in the best interest of the entire digital advertising ecosystem to eliminate ad fraud as quickly and effectively as possible. In a poll conducted by ad measurement firm, Integral Ad Science (IAS),...

Top Strategies to Unleash the Efficacy of Omnichannel Marketing
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FREMONT, CA: Technology, business processes, and marketing strategies are interrelated. A change in technology drives changes in the other two as well. Hence, the grand technological transformation has brought about variations in marketing...

Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing Founding the Next Digital Age
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FREMONT, CA: Mobile has become a fundamental gadget steering the lifestyle of the world. The Gen C (generation of connected consumers) leads to a drastic change in consumer behavior and drives involvement with smartphones for almost everything....

The Melding of Marketing and Technology - Where do you Fit?
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John Bartold, VP, Loyalty Solutions, Epsilon

You would need to be completely off the grid to be unaware of the rapid evolution of marketing. While smaller changes have been unfolding over the years, we have recently hit a not-so-subtle tipping point signaling a new era. Marketing,...

All spotlights on DAM!
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Change is the only constant. This famous saying also applies to business operations—the ever-changing demand for upgradation in technology and operating modules has given way to complicated discrete technological advances, which have made...

Strategies for Long-term and Consistent Business Growth
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A company needs to identify its core competencies and then invest in them, focus resources on building and maintaining those skills that contribute to competencies to ensure long-term growth and success. A company that seeks to develop its core...

How are Businesses Fostering their Marketing Strategies, Read on to find out
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Promoting a business is a long game. It demands time to build awareness, inspire trust, and complete the sales cycle. However, there are days when one needs to generate their business faster, and they may face issues in cash flow or an inventory...

Artificial Intelligence Improving ERP Solutions
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Every business needs a meticulous planning in order for it to be productive and profitable. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can manage and automate many back-office functions using a system of integrated applications which allows an...

Technologies that Will Boost E-Commerce in 2019
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The widespread use of the internet around the globe and the growth of e-commerce have caused new businesses to sprout. According to a report, e-commerce sales will reach a whopping $3.3 trillion in 2019. Even though e-commerce has strong market...

Specialized CRM and Marketing Automation Solutions for Home Builders
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Though rates of lands and mortgages are at peak, the dream of owning a house never fades away among the individuals. From a customers’ point of view, buying houses is the largest investment they spend in their lifetime compared to the other...

Master the Marketing Psychology: Basis for Every Marketing Campaign
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Using psychological techniques, successful marketers attract, convince, and convert prospects because people don’t decide on their own—they are tricked into making a decision in a brand’s favor, who is smart enough to apply...