Know How AI is Revolutionizing Industries
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Artificial Intelligence is persistently growing in every sector, and industries are looking forward to AI applications to achieve digital transformation, leading to better opportunities and growth. FREMONT, CA: Over the next few years,...

Combined Potential of IoT and Data Analytics
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IoT and data analytics are assisting organizations in proactively engaging with data for better decision-making. FREMONT, CA: The world is becoming smaller because of a sharp rise in the number of interconnected devices, largely via the...

Role of IoT and AR in Marketing Strategies
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Both IoT and AR together can provide marketers with innovative ideas, improving customer experiences. FREMONT, CA: IoT has become the digital world's game-changer by turning tests into complete deployments. Industries such as retail,...

Data Science: Unveiling its Newest Impact on the Digital Market
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Everything from technology, data interference, and algorithm development to solve a complex problem analytically, is driven by data science. Data science involves quantitative data analysis for strategic business decisions to help develop data...

A New Approach to an Old Problem
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Sam Shah, Director of Digital Development, NHS England

Digital health, healthcare and marketing are becoming intertwined. As the digital health market grows and healthcare becomes more digitised, the techniques used to promote services and generate patient uptake are becoming increasingly...

Marketing Automation: Channel to a Proactive Healthcare Marketing Department
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Megan Yore, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Spectrum Health Lakeland

Please elaborate on the challenges that organizations will need to address, as it relates to the marketing automation space. In the healthcare landscape, the challenge is around creating decision trees and paths for our patients and consumers....

In Health, the Power of Content is the Power to Transform Lives
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Lyn Falconio, CMO, Publicis Health

Content creators and engagement strategists for health are accelerating on all fronts towards relationship-driven content — specifically, creating invitational, collaborative, dynamic, two-way content that puts people and their needs first....

Driving Marketing Effectiveness through Collaborative Technologies
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Joanne Moretti, SVP & CMO, Jabil [NYSE:JBL]

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Marketing industry? The IT operating model relative to the marketing industry has become much more of a peer-to-peer partnership for us at Jabil. In fact, today, our...

Marketo [NASDAQ: MKTO]: Redefining Content Marketing
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Phil Fernandez, Chairman & CEO

Provides digital marketing software and solutions to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing