The Evolution of Mobile Marketing Trends
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Mobile marketing technology is changing the way marketers leverage the internet to promote their products and achieve lead conversions. FREMONT, CA: Mobile marketing is evolving with the digital revolution, bringing new capabilities to...

How to Improve Sales Productivity?
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Sales representative already have a tough job. The strategic tools will just help them to be more effective and work efficiently to hit the goals of their organization. FREMONT, CA: A major role in sales is known for being arduous as because...

Gamification: Effective Means of Event Management
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Gamification, along with live video features and chatbots are one of the most talked about event trends today. Even though the term gamification is spread like wildfire throughout the event industry, there is still confusion about what...

Inspiring Customer Engagement through Gamification Dynamics
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Barry Kirk, Vice President, Maritz Motivation Solutions

Gamification–the application of game design to non-game experience–has been used in the marketing world for decades, albeit under different names. Marketers understand the major challenge of gaining consumers’ attention. Driving...

Gamification Can Make your Marketing Strategies a Hit
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While a few thought it was a fad that changed the real purpose of games, forward thinkers saw it as a revolution. It has turned into what incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy. Gamification—although it has...

Revamping Customer Experience with Augmented Reality
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While augmented reality (AR) has been around in the technological domain for quite some time, with the launch of the popular game ‘Pokemon Go’, it was quick to catch limelight among laymen. Recently, many technology giants have been...

Why Gamified Email Campaign is a Buzz in Marketing
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In the modern marketing context, gamification is often integrated into email campaigns to boost customer engagement.  FREMONT, CA: The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving as new programs, innovations, and platforms are...