Enterprise Digital Disruption - How Startups Can Win
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Cameron Borumand, Associate, Ignition Partners

We’re living in a transformative time in enterprise software. AWS and Azure continue to prove their cloud dominance which creates both opportunities and challenges for enterprise focused startups. On one hand, cloud hosting has led to an...

"Know-About" of Modern Day Marketing Channels
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The key to creating identity and space in a digitalized marketing arena is efficiency and innovations. Here’s how firms can deliver. FERMONT, CA: A consumer is subjected to numerous marketing messages on phones, social media...

How Marketing Drives Customer Obsession
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Barbara Goose, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock

In today’s world, content and customer experience are king. When you truly understand customers and deliver engaging, relevant content with every interaction, you gain loyalty– and dollars. In fact, consumers are willing to spend 16%...

Confronting Money Laundering with New Solutions
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Financial institutions have emerged as one of the principal beneficiaries of digital technologies. With the help of these technologies, the finance market has been able to drive innovation and improve customer services like easy and fast access to...

Ending the Use of Real-time Mobile-location Data Sharing: The Impact on Marketers
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The debate on data-privacy has fired up recently with the stories that ran all over the media platforms regarding the collection and use of real-time mobile-location data by the marketers that use the data to spy on consumers. The misuse of...

Merkle Launches Loyalty Outlook 2018
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Merkle, a pioneer in data-driven, technology-enabled and global performance marketing agency reported that it has released Loyalty Outlook 2018 which is a collection of articles with a complete perspective of the loyalty industry, detailed...

Three Advanced SEO Techniques to Double the Search Traffic
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Website content that fulfills consumer needs is a big part of SEO success, specifically in the banking sector. But it takes more than just good content to ensure that organizations rank high in Google’s search results. Effective SEO needs...

Decrypting Natural Language Generation And Its Role In Content Marketing
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Natural language generation is a term which has got technology enthusiasts hooked in the recent times. So what’s the fuss about this term, which has got many people intrigued? Let’s decrypt it for the not-so-tech-savvy. In a nutshell,...

Digital Video Sets New Trends in the Financial Market
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As progressive organizations are discovering new ways to deliver their message and measure their results, more money shifts into digital advertising. There is continuous growth in non-pay TV households as well. These trends have brought...

An ideal Gateway to Bring Brands Closer to the Customers
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John Sadowski, Executive Vice President & CIO, Sandy Spring Bank [NASDAQ:SASR]

1. Strong customer relationships and customer loyalty have proven to be key elements to successful businesses. What current trends do you see shaping customer experience management (CXM)? One of the trends shaping CXM is enabling clients to...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Managing the Risk Factor in Finance
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“Too much of anything is good for nothing,”—the wisdom in this adage relates best to today’s most hyped cutting edge technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everything around us from personal virtual assistant to smart...

Creating Successful Partnerships with Customers Powered by Digital Transformation
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Sovan Shatpathy, CTO, Amtrak

Amtrak and its partners help move people, the economy, and the nation forward. We are focused on running an efficient and effective corporation to offer a better way to travel for America. In 2016, we had a record ridership of 31.3 million, the...

Serving Tomorrow's Customer Today: Reimagining Branch Transformation and Omnichannel Strategies
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Douglas Hartung, Director-Research & Development Incubation, Diebold, Incorporated

To retain and grow their businesses, financial institutions are increasingly forced to address the needs of a more mobile-centric customer. Today, most institutions have deployed mobile banking applications and continue to seek ways to exploit...

The Machines that Make us More Human
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Andrea Reichenbach, Senior Director-Marketing Strategy, Acxiom

The discussion about cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and the impact these technologies will have on our daily lives will likely continue to make headlines for years to come. This, however, is not an article about machine learning....

Holland America Line to Use Xactly's Business Development Tools
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SAN JOSE, CA: Holland America Line, a cruise company chooses Xactly’s business development managers for ease of use and better reporting capabilities for field sales representatives at the cruise line. Xactly is a provider of cloud based...

NetSuite to Acquire Marketing Automation Company, Bronto Software
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FREMONT, CA: With an objective to enable businesses to stand up to the consumers’ demand for a comprehensive, relevant, and consistent digital experience, NetSuite is all set to leverage the complete set of offerings from Bronto Software. It...

Ron Brooks Joins CBIG Consulting as VP of Strategic Consulting
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CHICAGO, IL:  Ron Brooks, a business strategist and specialist in market intelligence with over 20 years of experience, has joined CBIG Consulting as Vice President of Strategic Consulting. In this role, Ron will expand CBIG’s...

ERGO: Powering Relevant Customer Experiences With Smart Content
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John Hendricks, Founder & CEO

A next-generation marketing automation solution provider that creates hyper-individualized Smart Content experiences to drive real, needle-moving results. One of the top marketing automation solution providers, ERGO offers a flagship product...