Enterprise Digital Disruption - How Startups Can Win
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Cameron Borumand, Associate, Ignition Partners

We’re living in a transformative time in enterprise software. AWS and Azure continue to prove their cloud dominance which creates both opportunities and challenges for enterprise focused startups. On one hand, cloud hosting has led to an...

3 Ways to Ensure Seamless Adoption of Customer Data Platform
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CDPs enable organizations to gather and analyze customer data from various sources, providing valuable insights on customer behavior. FREMONT, CA – Customer data platform (CDP) have revolutionized the relationship between companies and...

AI and Data: Guiding Enterprises to the Future
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The main agenda is to improve the customer experience. With the current rate of growth of big data and the ease of accessibility of customer information to marketers, they look at data in a much more pleasing manner. With each passing day,...

Artificial Intelligence Improving ERP Solutions
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Every business needs a meticulous planning in order for it to be productive and profitable. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can manage and automate many back-office functions using a system of integrated applications which allows an...

Business Strategies from a Central Location: Microsoft 365 Cloud
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Microsoft Office has always been the obvious solution, as a historically dominant Office Suite leader. The adoption of Office 365 has today increased on the market. This will progressively change, and Microsoft Office 365 will continue to gain...

Predictive Analytics: The Ground Zero for Today's B2B Sales and Marketing
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Data is imperative for organizations to succeed in today’s business environment. The data generated by sales and marketing houses critical signals regarding the buyer journey, but the data remains underutilized. The organizations must look...

The Growing Importance of Predictive Analytics
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For almost a decade, forward-thinking companies have been banking on big data to gather valuable insights that help them structure their business and marketing plans. As a matter of fact, business intelligence tools have become essential in...

How Sales and Service Strategies for the Digital Customer are Shaping IT Buying Considerations
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Dave Nelson, SVP-Portfolio Lead, Avanade, Inc.

As many leading enterprises begin–or continue–their digital journey, two focus areas tend to emerge on the priority list: customer sales and service. Industry analysts, consultants and companies themselves continue to identify...

The Evolution of CRM
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Bill Ziska, Director-CRM & Mobility, Deloitte Digital

After 37 seven years in consulting, the last 20 dedicated to CRM, I have seen so many solutions, methods, tools come and go, but the last five years have been more amazing than the 15 before them. Just to be clear, when I talk about CRM, I am not...

The Future of Content is NOW!
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Tanu Sood, Senior Principal Product Director, Oracle

The impact of digital disruption, the demands of the “Now” economy, and the rise of machine learning are transforming how business works. Customers, employees, and partners expect on-demand access to content and application services...

Marketing's Digital Transformation
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Todd Fenton Forsythe, SVP Digital Marketing, Dell

Over the decades the marketer Holy Grail has been to deliver real-time, predicted customer experiences. To a large extent, many brands are fulfilling the promise but significant change has occurred over the years bring us to this point. And, with...

The Rise of the CIMO - and other operational managers assuming control of IT spend
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David Hatch, CMO, IANS

The rise and fall of CIO influence is real. Operational business leaders have now become the de-facto decision-makers regarding IT spend. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am now one of those operational business leaders–a CMO–and...

Dun & Bradstreet Embarks on New Ventures Addressing Emerging Businesses Requirements
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FREMONT, CA: Dun and Bradstreet, a provider of data marketing solutions for finance, sales and marketing professionals, recently announced a couple of ventures offering  the industry enhanced technology for improved data products and...

NetSuite to Acquire Marketing Automation Company, Bronto Software
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Marketing Tech Insights

FREMONT, CA: With an objective to enable businesses to stand up to the consumers’ demand for a comprehensive, relevant, and consistent digital experience, NetSuite is all set to leverage the complete set of offerings from Bronto Software. It...

EventsCase: Steering Event Management into a New Age
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Jose Bort, CEO

Provides all-in-one branded event management software that syncs all necessary technologies to help event organizers run and promote their events

Maantic Inc: Customer Relationship Management at Its Best
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Matt Vizhalil, CRM & BPM Practice Leader Sudarshan Kataria, CRM Solution Architect

Specializes in implementation of business applications including BPM and CRM

How Adobe Helps Firms Orchestrate Customer Experience
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Adobe's customer experience management platform is allowing businesses to rethink their CX strategies by efficiently segmenting and targeting customers. FREMONT, CA: As a result of improved technologies and networks, the data explosion...
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