Role of IoT and AR in Marketing Strategies
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Both IoT and AR together can provide marketers with innovative ideas, improving customer experiences. FREMONT, CA: IoT has become the digital world's game-changer by turning tests into complete deployments. Industries such as retail,...

Digital Marketing on Live Streaming Platforms
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FREMONT, CA: Entertainment in the digital world has built a new scope for brand marketing via live video streaming platforms. Technology has replaced the age-old marketing methods with new era digital content that appears on the screen during the...

Integrating the Digital World into the Real World within Minutes
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The entertainment industry is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of virtual reality in games and virtual worlds. However, other areas that are just as popular include virtual museums, galleries, theaters, and virtual parks. Augmented reality...

FreeCast Smart Guide Vs Traditional On-Screen TV Guide
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Riad Shalaby, CMO and Jeff Berke, CEO

Hundreds of thousands of free films, shows, events, videos, and live channels are today available online for free. Perhaps, the only problem here is finding them. With this as a focus, FreeCast has brought a technology that can make this seamless....

CMOs and CIOs: Stop Battling and Start Collaborating
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Morag Lucey, CMO, Avaya

In a 2011 webinar, Gartner Research Vice President Laura McLellan boldly said that by 2017, the CMO would spend more on IT than the CIO. Now that we’re just shy of 2017 the question is: will this statement become reality, or yet another...

RSG Media: Scalable Solutions for the Future of Media
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Mukesh Sehgal, Founder, President & CEO

Provides software and services to augment revenues from content, advertising, and promotional inventories

Geenee Secures $7M to Expedite WebAR Growth
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Sturgis Adams, CCO

A mobile software startup has raised a funding of $7 million to help brands and agencies open new marketing and revenue-generating opportunities.    FREMONT, CA: "At Geenee we are building bridges between the physical and...

Dynamic Creative Templates to Boost Organizational Marketing Efficiencies
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Tessa Court, CEO

Creative templates are giving businesses and branch managers control over local marketing design and the flexibility of localizing messages.    FREMONT, CA: The leading digital asset management and marketing operations platform,...

How AI-Based Entertainment Platforms Improve Customer Experience
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AI-based entertainment platforms help media professionals to communicate with the customers and understand their entertainment demands seamlessly.  FREMONT, CA: From the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based channels and...
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