How AI Powers Digital Marketing?
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Due to its ability to derive meaning from unstructured data sets, AI seems tailor-made for the present digital marketing efforts.     FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is already helping the industries across domains. AI...

Primer on Customer Data Management Strategy
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A customer data management strategy is requisite in data-driven business decisions. Well-organized customer data system aids to track customer information and understand them better. The management includes collecting, cleaning, managing,...

3 Areas to Partner with CMOs to Drive Transformation and Digital Innovation
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Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide

CIOs are often asked to help drive organizational transformation and digital innovation. The challenge is finding the right sponsors within an organization. Over the past several years, it’s increasingly the CMO who is the champion of...

Dun & Bradstreet Embarks on New Ventures Addressing Emerging Businesses Requirements
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FREMONT, CA: Dun and Bradstreet, a provider of data marketing solutions for finance, sales and marketing professionals, recently announced a couple of ventures offering  the industry enhanced technology for improved data products and...

Adform: Driving Innovation through Digital Advertising
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Gustav Mellentin, CEO & Co-Founder

Founded in 2002, Adform supports clients by providing integrated software enabling to buy, manage and serve digital advertising. It is a leading advertising technology company that provides clients the software to automate digital...

Merkle: Data-Driven Marketing Performance
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David Williams, Chairman & CEO

A customer relationship management agency that designs, executes and evaluates integrated marketing programs

Lies, Damn Lies, and Data Visualization
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Douglas Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group

Let’s be clear, there is nothing more essential for lying than the facts. If facts were indeed immutable and pristine, somehow set in stone and without nuance, the world would be a less interesting place, albeit a better one. Your truth,...