Why is the Demand of Online Community Platforms Increasing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, March 29, 2021

The demand for online community platform increases because it helps the users reach new audiences and reduce customer retention. 

FREMONT, CA: Online communities are in high demand right now, and the demand will only increase as more people attempt to enter communities to combat the challenges of digital isolation.

It can be a great idea for developers and entrepreneurs to reach a new audience, increase consumer loyalty, reduce customer retention, collect user reviews, provide customer service, and so on.

To develop a community, it is necessary to have an online community platform. Several software solutions are available on the market that falls into this category, and everyone has something unique to give, making it difficult to choose.

Here are some of the main features to look for in an online community software before diving into each platform individually.

How to Select the Best Online Community Platform

To select the best platform, companies must first comprehend what an online community app is supposed to accomplish, and then they must be confident of their requirements.

The first thing to bear in mind is that online community platforms are not the same as conventional forum software.

Even though forum software primarily serves as a discussion board for the users, community platforms typically provide various features to encourage member participation.

Some of the features that a community platform must have are creating engaging content, setting up Activities, community association resources, member registry, rich member profiles, customized activity stream, member alerts, ability to create sub-groups, SEO compatibility, and many more.

Users must choose a platform that either has built-in live streaming capabilities or integrates with a service like Zoom. Live videos are a great way to communicate with the audience and increase interaction.

Mobile apps are another aspect that non-negotiable because more people are using their phones to access social media.

Native apps make it simple for the users to access their community when on the move, and they can make the difference between someone visiting the community once and never returning vs someone who actively participates.

Additional features may or may not be necessary for the users, depending on the type of online community they want to develop and the main objective.

Similarly, users would want the platform to support gamification functionality, such as award badges, points, or freebies to the members based on their involvement in the community. SSO (single sign-on) is another example of a proper function. For instance, if the online course is hosted on a different platform, users will want their community platform to be compatible.

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