Why Event Management System is Important

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

EMS ensures secure access to all event information and enables complete planning control throughout the event management process.

FREMONT, CA: Users and organizers can access and control every area of an event, such as registration, marketing, engagement, integrations, physical planning and preparation, reporting and analytics, and much more, with a comprehensive event management system.

Events are held frequently on college and university campuses, whether for students or teachers, and are commonly organized by in-house or third-party vendors. When these events occur, it is vital to employ an event management system that provides complete control and planning abilities to guarantee that the activities take place on time, in accurate areas, and with the safety of all attendees in mind.

Campus event planners will be able to book large-scale events, engage with service providers, and maintain a single source of record for repetitive, quantifiable events with the help of a comprehensive event solution.

Event planners must consider students and teacher safety on university campuses, particularly now that big gatherings have grown more problematic in the aftermath of COVID-19. An event management system connects participants to campus police and other security to keep participants safe and crowds under control. It can also help standardize cleanliness procedures, the establishment of socially distant spacing, and other tasks.

Importance of an Event Management System

The Event Management System offers campus event planners a customizable, completely integrated solution to streamline the event planning process and keep clients, staff, and students satisfied while gathering essential statistics and data for real estate and future planning decisions.

Eliminate Missed Communications

The most common reason for event failures or accidents is a lack of communication. An event management system allows planners and providers to communicate instantly, making conveying accurate information with students, instructors, caterers, operations, and others. Automated notifications and mobile abilities keep everyone updated on changes and plans, preventing event disasters caused by human error.

Digitize the Events

The world is increasingly adopting a digital-first mindset. Education facilities can ensure that the platform evolves and offers users many digital, accessible touchpoints by bringing the campus into the digital era with a mobile, flexible event solution. A complete event management system can digitize contracts, enrollment, request forms, reports, and more.

Maximize the Campus Flexibility

Hardware and software integration for campuses, like connections with HVAC, catering systems, Student Information Systems (SIS), scheduling tools such as Microsoft Outlook, facility management services, and more, are available through an event management system. Event planners can use these interfaces to optimize events in virtual, hybrid, and in-person settings.

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