What Should a Marketer Know about Programmatic Advertising?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Programmatic advertising is taking over all the practices that marketers are following in the paradigm of advertising.  

FREMONT, CA: Programmatic advertising has been emerging as an integral part of the modern marketing industry. Riding the wave of transformation, the protocols, methodologies, and trends in advertising are making use of new technologies and their influences such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, voice search, digital OOH, analytical conceptualizations, and more. Being one of the most critical and significant parts of the advertising technology of today, programmatic advertising is acting as a driver of the whole of the adtech fraternity.

Top 10 Ad Management Solution Companies in APAC - 2020The audience forms the core and mandatory parts of an advertising strategy. Most of the advertisers in the domain are considering the efficacy of artificial intelligence (AI) to not only redefine but also empower the audience management ideas. Programmatic ad managers measure the performance of the ads in terms of the targeted audience, relevance of the ad concept, optimization of the campaign, and the spread of the impact of the ad. AI is emerging as a perfect weapon against all the intricacies that are creeping into programmatic advertising.

Most of the customers today prefer voice technology. In order to deliver to this interest of the customers, most of the programmatic ad campaigns are centering around voice technology and mainstreaming it. A voice-activated ad has, in fact, become a trend with high weightage in the programmatic advertising industry. Reports suggest that voice-enabled applications like Siri and Alexa have gained maximum adoption, likes, and good feedback. Taking over these smartphone voice technologies, programmatic advertising has been witnessing an increased acceptance of voice ads lately.

Wearable technology is yet another highlight in the world of programmatic advertising. Wearables, in the form of implants, act as an avenue for the advertisers to create personalized ad campaigns. The implants fit into the parts of the body, such as the ear or eyes of an audience records data about what the person hears, sees, and more. Based on this data, advertisers create more relevant ads.   

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