What Makes Proximity Marketing Fascinating?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

In the age of personalization, proximity marketing, with its unique benefits, is turning out to be a significant enabler.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing is all about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right product on offer. The digital revolution has been able to enhance a marketer's capability to achieve all of these things. The concept of proximity marketing has been especially unique and highly empowering since it allows marketers to close the gaps between online and offline channels. That apart, many reports also claim that proximity marketing is today one of the most effective forms of marketing and can engage targets much better than most other types of engagement. To understand what makes proximity marketing effective, consider the following factors.

Targeting Better with Geofencing

Proximity marketing allows marketers to reach out to individuals who are detected within a particular area, which has been geofenced. Once someone is detected in a specific place, say at the entrance of a particular shop, geofence technology can detect the same and send messages to either immediately, or after a certain period of time. The targeting can be sharpened further by enabling different messages for different segments of the people entering the same geofenced location.

Increased Potential of Apps

By combining proximity marketing and push notifications on smartphone apps, brands can enable a heightened degree of engagement for customers. For every business that can benefit from location-based targeting, app usage can increase when proximity marketing is leveraged. For instance, a retailer can attract customers by sending an offer through their mobile app after proximity systems detect their presence. This makes the app more interactive and useful while helping enhance conversion rates.

Personalization Opportunities

By enabling a highly-developed engagement strategy, brands can improve customer experience to gain a competitive edge in the market. Apart from delivering targeted notifications to potential customers, proximity marketing systems can identify and alert retailers when a loyal customer walks into the store, allowing for better services. This impacts positive conversions, as well.

When done strategically without impending on the choice or privacy of consumers, proximity marketing can be the real game-changer that gives unmatched marketing outcomes.

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