What Advantages does Automation Present to Email Marketing?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Email MarketingEmail marketing campaigns are set to gain significantly from the added advantage of automation.

FREMONT, CA: Emails are considered to be one of the best ways to reach out to prospects in marketing. Email traffic has grown over the years, and marketers have leveraged the popularity of the medium to give rise to the email marketing concept. As businesses all over the world add email marketing to their arsenals, marketers are in the lookout for a competitive edge that could give them unique advantages. This differentiator could be automation. Marketing automation, when clubbed with email marketing capabilities, can enhance the potential of campaigns.

As a marketing channel, email has evolved over the years. In the beginning, marketing teams used to send emails en-masse with the motto of reaching out to prospects. This approach does not suffice anymore since the email audience has evolved. To cater to this new audience, marketing teams have to work out innovative email marketing strategies and leverage automation. Digital solutions are enabling marketers to incorporate automation at various levels. With automated email marketing emerge the scope of personalized email campaigns. The availability of customer data is enabling marketing teams to devise automated, customized email campaigns that have high probabilities of success.

The effectiveness of communication increases when automation becomes a part of email marketing systems. Marketing teams understand that creating engagement is the first step towards generating leads. In the context of emails, this engagement comes about when personalized content and customer names are made a part of the communication. However, including the names of recipients in every mail is impractical when done manually. On the other hand, automation can be used to incorporate these features with minimum efforts.Top Marketing Automation Solution Companies

Automated solutions are also equipped to study customer data and track patterns to enable accurate segmentation. When individual personalization is not feasible, marketers can take advantage of the intelligently segregated groups to carry out targeted campaigning. Automated tracking of performance metrics also entitles marketing teams to cruial insights that can be leveraged to future-proof email marketing campaigns.

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