Some of the common challenges faced by brand managers

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Modern customer service requires brands to respond only with kindness and empathy, just as they did with hotlines in the past.

Fremont, CA: It is the brand manager's responsibility to make a difference in their organizations and industries. Change is enacted, problems are solved, and happier and more fulfilled lives are created by them. The role of brand managers is crucial to the success of all marketing activities undertaken by their companies, and they hold a lot of the power when it comes to marketing.

These are three of the most common challenges brand managers face on a daily basis.

Maintaining Consistency across Multiple Platforms.

On the surface, it might not seem that big of a deal if an employee submits a press release with incorrect letterhead or uses an outdated logo for a promotional graphic. This is exactly the kind of thing that drives brand managers nuts.

As a brand manager, it's your job to showcase your brand in a certain light, and that light is constantly changing. It is not only confusing in the marketplace if employees use outdated materials to promote the brand, but it undermines the message that the brand manager wants to convey. If a brand wants to tell the world it is cutting-edge and forward-thinking, it can't do so with graphics and slogans that are five years old.

Advertising materials aren't the only thing that should be consistent.

Dealing With Negativity.

Customer complaints used to be handled privately by a single customer service representative on a hotline. The world of customer service is far different today, with angry customers taking advantage of any opportunity to criticize businesses publicly.

Modern customer service requires brands to respond only with kindness and empathy, just as they did with hotlines in the past. Nowadays, a brand's social media manager only needs to look at their mentions to find a slew of negativity, which often requires a quick response and caring response.

Planning for the Future While Handling Today’s Business.

There is only one constant in marketing: things are always changing. In three years, let alone three months or even three days, the trends of today will be history. There is always a constant need for brand managers to be aware of the constantly changing world in which they live, one that seems to change on an almost daily basis.

It is a delicate balance that brand managers must maintain at the same time. Keeping up with social media allows them to plan for tomorrow while also keeping the brand strong today. Keeping track of everything is hard, and brand managers need to stay organized.

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