Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

Martech Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Social media platforms are incredibly useful for businesses. Brands can reach numerous customers and get their feedback simultaneously. It has become inevitable for all brands to establish them as social media influencers because the majority of their customers use social media to make purchasing decisions. Companies must invest in social media marketing as their advertising strategies. Trends that are going to affect social media marketing:

Live Videos

Live videos are present on almost every social media platform. It helps in engaging followers. Live videos are powerful because 3.5 billion live videos have been shared on social media in the year 2018. It is a much more engaging way to interact with customers as they interact six times or more with live content than traditional video uploads. Videos should be made based on the platforms. For example, stories should be in the portrait mode, and traditional timeline posts are useful in the landscape.

Next Generation

The millennial generation is still the biggest target of companies but in 2019, the earliest members of ‘Generation Z’ will become the focus of companies. This generation is amid the technology revolution, growing up with laptops and tablets, social media and instant access information. This indicates the direction of reaching the crowd where they spend their time. The companies have to act on social media to find success with this younger crowd.


Chatbots make the social experience even more social. They understand the necessary inquiries, provide answers to those queries and execute tasks for customer services. They can be integrated into messenger apps to automate promotional and customer service messaging. Machine learning is on the rise, and in the coming years, it is possible that automated assistants on social media will become a norm. For technological laggards, hybrid solutions are available that responds quickly during regular business hours.  

Social media is an ever-changing landscape so predicting its future is quite impossible. There is a possibility that an entirely new platform might emerge in the coming years. The competition in the social media space is cut-throat as well. All the social media platforms are trying the best to be more personal, introducing new features and presenting new forms of engaging content like live videos and augmented reality. 

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