Send Tracked Email Messages with VisitIQ 'Send With eTrigue'

By Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN JOSE, CA: eTrigue Corporation, developer of eTrigue VisitIQ marketing software, announces a Microsoft Outlook messaging software add-in called ‘Send With eTrigue’ for seamlessly integrating into the Outlook PC email client.

With this add-in VisitIQ users can easily track mails without leaving Outlook. In one single click option, the tool will automatically save any links in the email for easier tracking. When the email recipient clicks a link and visits the page on an enabled website, the recipient is identified and automatically added to the list of tracked prospects. Real-time email alerts can also be initiated to notify sales of specific website visitors so that they can focus their time on active opportunities.

“Now any user can easily generate tracked messages to connect anonymous visit histories with potential customers,” says Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager at eTrigue. “Send with eTrigue is extremely simple to set up, and provides valuable sales intelligence on your website visitors.”

Sales and marketing executives can now easily add VisitIQ-generated intelligent links into individually-generated email messages, to automatically track individual prospect web activity, including: page visits, duration on each page and document downloads. VisitIQ also gives sales and marketing tools that target prospects more effectively by creating meaningful digital biographies of individual prospects.

Key features of VisitIQ include:

Anonymous Visitor Tracking: It effectively identifies companies, geographies, and records every visitor’s individual web activity from their very first visit to the web site.

Prospect Activity Tracking: Once a VisitIQ link is clicked in an email, prospect activity tracking monitors web page views, time on page, webinar participation, Google AdWords clicks, and more.

Real-Time Lead Alerts: Real-time Lead Alerts deliver a detailed prospect snapshot via email to any user so you’ll know when your company is top-of-mind.

Google AdWords and Search Terms: Provides insight into which Google AdWords clicks result in qualified leads, opportunities, and new customers.

Webinar Marketing: VisitIQ automatically synchronizes registration information and timed attendance data event data with the two most popular webcast providers: Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToWebinar.

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