MeritDirect Becomes Data Asset Manager for Alexander Communications Group

By MarTech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Rob Sanchez, CEO

Robust data analytics solutions will enable enterprises to organize their disparate data and generate useful insights, thus enhancing their marketing capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: The influx of data from multiple sources is offering great opportunities for organizations all over the world. However, drawing actionable insights from the disparate datasets is a challenging task. The utilization of robust data analytics not only enhances marketing strategies but also enables better decision making by business organizations. In the data landscape, very few organizations can match the effectiveness of the solutions offered by MeritDirect.

The provider of multi-channel B2B database products and service solutions was recently selected as the Data Asset Manager for Alexander Communications Group, an independent source of actionable news, information, training, and recognition materials for mid- and upper-level management decision-makers across several industries. Its products and services have enabled professional leaders to grow and develop their organizations, helping them achieve a competitive edge.

MeritDirect is a single touchpoint to drive all data-driven processes. It specializes in the development of data-driven products to help clients. Based in Rye Brook, NY, MeritDirect has offices in Boston, Denver, Chicago, and London. It grants marketers access to comprehensive and relevant B2B data in the market, helping them enhance their customer acquisition capabilities through its premier database technology platform.

The Alexander Communications Group Masterfile data source comprises subscribers, recent expires, and prospects to one or more newsletters. The newsletters are available in a consolidates and unduplicated Masterfile, and include Customer Communicator, Downtown Idea Exchange, Real Estate Broker’s Insider, Services Starters, Customer Service Week Bulletin, Downtown Digest, and Broker’s Best. Masterfile serves as a robust source of responsive prospects for marketers in areas of business publications, food-gift, office supplies, greeting cards, industrial office products, professional membership, training supplies, and educational materials.

MeritDirect is focused on delivering tech-based products and services to fuel demand generation and account-based marketing. It will enable organizations to enhance their capabilities by helping them manage and mine data. The company aims to expand its customer base and delve deeper into the ecosystems of current clients, catering to their omnichannel marketing requirements. In regard to its contributions in the data analytics sector, Marketing Tech Outlook magazine named MeritDirect as one of the Top 10 Omnichannel Marketing Solution Providers-2017.

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