leveraging Emerging Data Collection Strategies to Optimize Programmatic Advertising

Martech Outlook | Monday, January 23, 2023

Advertisers can sophisticate their approach to programmatic advertising by leveraging emerging data-privacy measures and preferences.

FREMONT, CA: Programmatic advertising is a popular advertising strategy, but advertisers are increasingly avoiding this form of advertising due to its adherence to third-party cookies. Marketers can still leverage programmatic advertising by improving their data collection strategy. Reports show marketers can improve their digital solutions to decrease reliance on third-party data through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) tools, and other digital solutions.

Advertisers can improve their approach to programmatic advertising through the following strategies:

New data sources: First-party data is one of the most popular data sources used by marketers and agency professionals. First-party authenticated user data is used by 83 percent of respondents to identify and measure audiences. Many companies are seeing success in tailoring display advertising to specific segments of their customer-relationship management data. In private marketplaces, publishers (second party to marketers) offer first-party data, but nearly a third intend to invest more heavily.

New Ad spaces: Marketers and advertisers are shifting budgets to new ad spaces like connected TV (CTV). Research shows that advertisers can access more than 90 percent of CTV-supported ad viewers through tools to open up many programmatic ad purchasing options.

AI and ML: Agencies and marketers acknowledge that gaps in data sources will be inevitable in the future. Demand-side platforms (DSP) are looking for tools that can assist with bridging those gaps and ensuring smooth programmatic campaign deployment and performance.

New skills: There is an increase in hiring for new skills in the DSP landscape, as 84 percent of respondents reported. An organization needs to hire individuals capable of training and maintaining complex algorithms. Data science skills are commonly cited for leveraging new machine-learning technology, followed by research skills to keep up with fast-changing consumer trends.

Account for security: Advertisers should assess media buying, targeting, audience collection, ad personalization, and measurement efforts to identify where they might have gaps. Media companies and their service partners must discuss how they will navigate the new privacy-focused era with advertisers.

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