How You Can Ensure Personalization With Digital Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Digital marketing uses personalization to increase sales as it can offer the opportunity to improve customer experience. 

FREMONT, CA : Personalization is the process of ensuring that every consumer's specific needs and desires are considered. Showing them that the companies understand who they are and what they want provides an efficient customer experience.

Personalization in digital marketing offers the opportunity to customize messaging to individual clients. By following a customer's previous actions, buying history, demographics, and browsing habits generates personal experiences.

It is possible to personalize multiple points in the customer journey. Ad content, landing pages, emails, discount deals, sale notifications, product or service reviews, and many more features can be customized by the companies. It is possible to personalize the marketing from the first touchpoint and even ensure they personalize it based on relevant data.

Benefits of Personalization in Digital Marketing

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Companies increasingly understand the value of personalized marketing. Eighty-nine percent of companies active in e-commerce have invested in personalization. Some advantages of customized marketing are given below.

• Increase repeat purchases: After a personalized experience with a brand, 44 percent of customers would become repeat buyers.

• Drive sales: After embracing personalization, marketers report a 20 percent rise in revenue.

• Increase purchases: 80 percent of customers have a high likelihood of purchasing from a company that offers customized experiences. Efforts to personalize will raise sales by up to 15 percent.

• Boost ROI: For every $1, advanced personalization provides a $20 return.

• Reduce consumer acquisition costs by up to 50 percent. 

• Boost customer loyalty as brands offers whatever they want.

How Personalized Digital Marketing with Social Media Bots Enhances Conversion Rates

Social media chatbots provide organizations with an opportunity for greater versatility, quicker retrieval of data, better consumer interactions, and greater productivity without breaking the bank. The ability to communicate appropriately and interact with customers around the clock is one advantage of social media bots. In order to improve revenue and profitability, social media bots will support the company with personalized marketing.

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