How to Tackle the Direct Mail Marketing Issues?

Martech Outlook | Monday, May 09, 2022

Direct mail marketingwhen used in conjunction with digital to run an integrated marketing campaign, marketers gets the best of both worlds.

FREMONT, CA: Concerns about campaign longevity, engagement, and tracking are three of the most common issues our clients face regarding direct mail marketing. Each of these issues is addressed by implementing an integrated marketing campaign.

The Three Direct Mail Marketing Problems:


• Add a landing page with retargeting: Include a call to action and a webpage explicitly dedicated to the campaign on the landing page with retargeting. Use this page to provide additional information or a way to contact the marketer.

• Provide added value: Include something of value, such as a coupon or a piece of information. For example, how often does one keep a coupon for himself or give it to a friend? What about a cheat sheet of information, such as important dates or industry data? By including a branded added-value component, one increases the amount of time spent on the piece.


Promoting engagement can be difficult with a print-only campaign. Fortunately, there are solutions that one can put in place.Set up the following to encourage participation:

• Informed Delivery: The USPS sends out an opt-in daily email informing recipients of what they can expect in their mailbox. This allows marketers to display a digital ad and provide a link to a landing page.

• Landing Page: Creating a dedicated campaign landing page allows visitors to contact marketers via a web form.

• Social and digital ads: Retargeted ads allow marketers to provide more touchpoints and increase user engagement gradually.

• QR Code: Include a QR code on your mailing piece to make it easy for a recipient to visit the landing page.


As a tangible medium, the print may be challenging to track. However, that is not the case with direct mail; combining USPS tools and planning an integrated campaign, tracking is well within reach.

• Informed Delivery from the US Postal Service: This technology provides updates on how many of the recipients receive this email and whether they open it or click on the campaign link.

• Social and Digital ads: With the implementation of retargeting ads, one will be able to receive info on how many times your ads have been seen.

• Landing Page: Using webpage analytics, one can see how many page visitors his campaign received, and one can collect leads using a form.

• Call Tracking: Creating a unique phone number for the campaign guarantees marketers that any calls to this number originated from their direct mail campaign.

Among the alternatives is Intelligent Mail barcode technology from the USPS: This technology provides day-to-day tracking of mail campaigns, allowing one to know when mail pieces have been delivered.This dependable, tactile medium is a tried-and-true marketing component that constantly innovates and improves.

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