How Social Influencer Marketing is Benefitting Businesses

Skyla Delvina, Marketing Director, Consumer Engagement, Voya Financial

Skyla Delvina, Marketing Director, Consumer Engagement, Voya Financial

The companies can benefit from social influencer marketing because they can use social media influencers' follower base.

Social and influencers present an ecosystem of marketers and brands with opportunities. It is astounding just the sheer number of active users on social media platforms, and the number keeps rising.

The marketing of social influencers is a common technique that many marketers use today. To put it in simple terms, it is a technique of exploiting a social media influencer's follower base to market the goods. The success obtained from these campaigns is the reason for their popularity.

1. Social Influencer Marketing Is Not Pushy

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Perhaps the most significant advantage of marketing to social influencers is the unique feature of not being pushy. Marketing for social influencers is fundamentally different from conventional marketing campaigns.


2. Social Influencer Marketing Is Credible

Influential media influencers invest a large amount of time and effort, earning the confidence of their supporters. It is undoubtedly not done instantly. Influencers create an entertaining narrative that draws its supporters. It is one of the main differences between marketing for social influencers and conventional marketing. Followers are part of a long-lasting relationship with their influencers when they are genuinely engaged.

3. Social Influencer Marketing Allows Niche Targeting

To market their goods or services, every brand needs to reach new audiences consistently. But it's important to know who they are selling to before they approach individuals with the goods or services. Companies should always aim to attract a target audience that is highly likely to be interested in the products and sell them. When they target a niche audience with unique demographics, they will boost the chances of selling successfully.

Companies can use influencer marketing tools like Fourstarzz Media to locate the perfect influencer in a specific sector. They can filter the query based on interest, participation, location, and other parameters using their app. The best part is that on their website, they search for the history of all influencers. So, the companies can safely assume that in the niche, they will only find genuine influencers.

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