How Marketers Prepare to Make the Most out of Voice Assistants

By Martech Outlook | Monday, May 18, 2020

Voice-based searches are changing the dynamics of how marketing campaigns work in today's era, dominated by voice assistants.

FREMONT, CA: The emergence of digital channels has transformed many aspects of marketing. Technological advancements are underway even now, bringing alive new marketing dimensions. One of the vital developments in recent times that is already having an impact on digital marketing is that of voice-based searches. In the last couple of years, AI-powered voice assistants have attained an increasing amount of popularity. Voice-based searches are different from text-based searches in many ways. Thus, digital marketing strategies are bound to vary, as well. Every time there is a change in the mode of interaction, marketing efforts require a makeover. The following pointers discuss how marketing is trying to adapt to voice-based searches.

Optimizing Campaigns for Voice Searches

Online reports point at a steady rise in the percentage of voice searches. The trend is expected to continue further as voice assistants find their way into every aspect of life. In such a scenario, conventional SEO strategies are bound to be insufficient for marketers. To enhance performance, marketers will have to find innovative strategies and deploy the feature of snippets. Only when marketing content is optimized for voice search, a campaign will be relevant and successful. 

Providing Easy Navigation to Websites

Along with optimizing marketing content for voice-based searches, marketers have to develop easy navigation channels to increase traffic and conversion. Voice searches allow end-users to view more options through apps. Once a user transitions from voice to text, marketing content should allow easy navigation to the target website.

New Formats and Better Content

Voice assistants are changing the very nature of marketing content and making them more creative than ever. Now, the content has to be in line with the features of AI-powered voice assistants to ensure a better customer experience. Advertisement content now has to be responsive and interactive.

Thus, a new approach that comprises enhanced skills and understanding of voice search technologies is key to formulate new marketing strategies that align with voice-based queries.

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