How has Advertising in the Online Domain Evolved?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The online advertising industry is now evolving in response to the transforming technological landscape.

FREMONT, CA: The internet has been a revelation for advertisers. Ever since the internet became mainstream, the world of advertisement has changed, and different forms of online advertising have emerged. Even now, online advertising is under flux as a result of advancing technologies. Today, the opportunities for online campaigns have increased dramatically, with more and more individuals gaining access to the internet. However, with exposure to online ad campaigns increasing, apprehensions about effectiveness have also surfaced. To further understand the impact of technologies in shaping the current trends in online advertising, proceed to the following list.

Increased Access to Online Advertisements

Over the last decade, access to smartphones and internet connectivity increased substantially across the world. As a result, the reach of online advertisements has also increased significantly. The appeal of social media platforms has grown, and the popularity of internet-based entertainment content has also been on the rise. All of these factors have contributed to increased opportunities for online advertisers.

Automated and Intelligent Advertising

Today, online advertisers have access to an extensive amount of data. This data is of critical value. With the help of technology-backed solutions, online advertisers can leverage the data to understand consumers better. Automated collection and processing of data to gather customer insights has made advertising effortless and intelligent. From easy segmentation to accurate targeting, algorithm-based approaches are delivering unimagined benefits to online advertisers.

A Larger Window for Creativity

Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are introducing new dimensions in online marketing. What was once limited to conventional formats, has now evolved to take new forms. With AR and VR, online advertisers can explore and experiment with ideas and bring creativity to the next level. Apart from that, wearable technology is also exciting from the perspective of online advertising since it would provide advertisers with a new channel.

The potential of reaching the target audience has attained new levels as advanced technologies redefine online marketing. Leveraging the right set of technological interventions has the potential to add a lot of value to online advertisements campaigns.

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