How AI Helps inInfluencer Marketing

Ernest Alves, Manager Marketing Technology, Vail Resorts

Ernest Alves, Manager Marketing Technology, Vail Resorts

Influencer marketing is taking a new turn with AI.

Sources say that global spending on influencer marketing is estimated to reach around $5 to $10 billion by the end of the year. Well, with the entry of AI, this realm of marketing would only get better and better. Influencer marketing is not a new thing to the industrial world anymore. While the established brands from all around the world are diving deep into the puddle of influencer marketing, the technology of AI is only rolling out newer features and benefits in this context.

From thoughts of whether the industries and brands should invest in influencer marketing or not lookouts of how to proceed in the jungle of it, the world has gone a long way in the industry of marketing. AI has become a radicle gamechanger in the field of influencer marketing. Powering the influencer marketing platforms with AI has been proving to be an increasingly excellent tool for an influencer marketer.How can AI help in revolutionizing influencer marketing? Well, the capabilities of AI helpthe influencer marketing team in finding the right matching brands for the marketing brand.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019AI only aims to improve the influencer marketing processes and procedures to the highest level and make them simplified as well. Most of the influencer marketers think of dropping the methodology as gaining the right connections could indeed be challenging. But, the scene has gotten a whole new transformation with AI. This technology collects all the data that is needed by the influencer marketing teams to make strategic and fruitful decisions in choosing the right influencers, following the right set of trends in the market, and finalize the deal with the chosen influencers.

AI is considered to be promising in the field of influencer marketing because marketing professionals can get connected to the best-suited influencers at the right time to make profits, which are more than expected. AI has emerged as the chief revolutionary in the paradigm of influencer marketing.

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